Fake Views Won’t Get You Anywhere!

Views can be bought but respect can’t. Success is not determined by the views you get but by the respect you earn. A lot of aspiring rappers head towards the easy way to success In the mist, they lose their integrity as soon as they purchase views. The scope of achieving a loyal fan base just dissolves. The idea of quick fame is exciting to many but has adverse effects to your image which might lead to the artist’s downfall. Remember, dope content should have organic views and the struggle is what makes an artist.

A lot of artists would be pissed if I start to call out everyone who bought views. Buying views pushes the wrong Hip-Hop forward and the right Hip-Hop hides in the dark.

Fake views are easy to recognize like really easy, an artist who gets 1 million views has only 1,000 likes. Seriously? 17 comments just in two days. What? The math doesn’t make sense and always screws you if you purchase views.

As a matter of fact, Bot-views doesn’t get you anywhere and you should know no one even watches it buying views just adds to the numerical value. With healthy alternatives to push your content you could easily market it via Google Ad Words or sponsor a post on Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t Buy Views Unless It’s A Drake Album