‘F.Lock’: A Diss Track By AAHE For All The Fake Rappers In The Game


Jatin Pathak who goes by the stage name AAHE is a Guwahati-based hip-hop artist. He is a poet and a rapper as well. He enjoys writing poetry in the earlier days until he heard Bohemia and he got influenced by him and started doing rap. Jatin got support from his friends who encouraged him to do more tracks. For him being a rapper, it was a perfect choice because he raps for himself and about what’s really going on and not for others. He is part of the Note Gang along with Notorious Sam.

Recently, AAHE released his new track ‘F.Lock‘ in which he talks about fake artists. The story behind this track is that it is mostly inspired by and dedicated to all the fake rappers who are trying to pretend to be hip-hop/rap Artists. Whereas in reality, they are doing nothing for the growth of desi hip-hop or the culture. Most rappers nowadays make-up fake stories, talks about situations which they never been through, meaningless metaphors and so on.
According to him,

“You should write what you see, write what you believe, write what is going on with you and your people because hip-hop started that way”.

‘F.Lock’ is a diss track for all the fake ones who been trying to destroy the hip-hop and rap culture and are a disgrace to it. He thinks that it’s better to make a diss track rather than making up imaginary and fake stories. The instrumental is created by the very famous music producer duo StunnahSezBeatz. The track started with a hook “Tu bolega jhut, tu hoga flop” and after that, he delivered some good punches on the beat. This is just a start of the desi hip-hop movement in the north-east region and we are glad that these guys are trying very hard to contribute to the growth of desi hip-hop culture.

Check Out His Track’F.Lock’ Here: