All Eyez On Me : Tupac’s Biopic Set To Release

The late legend Tupac’s has been one of the most important people in the history of Hip-Hop. His music has inspired many and helped them even after his death. Tupac’s biopic has been a dream for all his fans and for everyone involved in the scene, but it’s release was caught up in distribution deals and was delayed numerous times. The fans started to believe that the biopic may never come out and have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime. Afters years of waiting, there is finally confirmation from Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment that they will distribute the film.

All Eyez On Me

Now all the delays kept aside, the film is all set to release on June 16th,2017 in the US. Also, June 16th was specifically chosen as that date is really significant to Hip Hop fans all over as it marks Tupac’s 46th Birthday.

West coast rapper The Game was blessed with the preview early 2016 and had this to say, “The Tupac movie is the real deal, shit make that Biggie movie look like a cartoon…I don’t mean no…ay…that’s what it is, homie”

This film will focus all parts of Tupac’s life all the way up till he left us.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. Is Going To Play Tupac’s Role

All Eyez on Me

Fun fact, Shipp’s father actually worked with Tupac on a track ‘Toss It Up’

On Tupac’s Birthday in 2016 the first trailer was released and ever since then people have been waiting for the real deal. Then on his death anniversary, a second teaser was released, and now finally on his birthday in 2017, the whole movie will be released to the world.

Watch the trailer was the much-awaited biopic here –