Exo Nawab Points Our Country’s Issues Through ‘Mera Desh’


Exo Nawab Image

Exo Nawab is a Dehradun-based hip-hop artist and who is associated with a hip-hop crew North Side Records. Exo generally talks about life through his lyrics. He has always tried to show the darker side of the world by using lyricism as a tool. Exo believes if you are struggling hard, there is nothing that will bar you from achieving your goals. Most of the rappers talk about flashy things but Exo Nawab from day one talks about the struggle in life and how to motivate people through his music. ‘Sachi Gal featuring Luckee which was released in the month of January depicted the struggle of an artist and the track was released by MMN Records and Mad Media Network digitally powered the whole track. Till now, this track has achieved a good response from the audience and it got more than 35 thousand views on youtube.

Similarly, Exo released ‘Bharitye Trap’ featuring ADS which was dedicated to Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The whole track was produced by LP Production and Exo recorded this track at VocalCity Productions. Northside Records inc released the track on their Youtube channel. The Exo States that there is no religion, cast or creed and everyone is equal. Exo calls everyone ‘Bhartiye’ as the hook of the song says ‘Mein bhartiye hu dharmo se phele mein bhartiye hu’. Bhartiye trap was a song to awaken the nation and make them stand as one.

Now, Exo is all set to drop a new track called ‘Mera Desh‘. It will highlight the problems of a country and how the society is facing them. ‘Mera Desh’ is produced by the well-known producer Oye Sheraa who is from New Delhi. Apart from this, Oye Sheraa recently collaborated with ‘Delhi Ka Sabse Filmy Launda’ Raaj Jones and Sultaan in a track called ‘Khottey Sikkey’. 
This track is made to educate people that hip-hop is not about getting high on weed and drugs. Hip-hop is all about your struggle, your hustle. In addition, ‘Mera Desh’ is coming out through Low-Key Records. DesiHipHop.com is excited to see this Uttrakhand-Delhi collaboration and we hope ‘Mera Desh’ achieves success.