#ExcusiveInterview : Innovators of Tribal Rap – Rapper Blaze and Mr. Bodra

I came across 2 rappers who impressed me more with their effort to represent their community than their actual track. Over here we have Rapper Blaze and Mr.Bodra who in my opinion could be the very first rappers representing an actual tribe. I am not gonna lie, it took me a minute to absorb the name of the tribe as I was told the tribe is called, ‘Ho’.

Blaze and Mr.Bodra worked on a track called, ‘Kahan Ho Tum’ which is primarily in their local language. The track has a commercial vibe and is kind of catchy. It would be very unfair to compare it with what is currently popping in the scene as these boys are still lacking the needed exposure. With that said, you should still check out the track and I guarantee that you will find it better than a lot of the trash coming out in the underground. The track is peppy and captures a conversation between two dudes crushing on the same girl.

I was impressed by their boldness to represent their tribe. I caught up with blaze and this is how our conversation went:

SLYCK: Please introduce yourself and how old you are?
BLAZE: I am Anshu Aka Blaze and I am 18 years old and my partner in this song is Lakshman Bodra who is 23 years old.

SLYCK: The song has an edgy commercial vibe, who is the producer?
BLAZE: I produced it. I am a huge Chris Brown fan and this piece is inspired by his commercial stuff. I produced it with the help of YouTube tutorials.

SLYCK: Which region do you boys represent and what language is this?
BLAZE: We both exist as individuals and have different representations. I Blaze represent my, ‘Steel City’ aka Jamshedpur, while Mr.Bodra is representing his tribal community.
The language used in this song is a tribal language and is called “Ho”. It is spoken by a very small population in Jharkhand.

SLYCK: What is the track all about and did you guys write it on your own?
BLAZE: Yes we wrote this song. The track is all about a conversation between two friends who are discussing this girl they have a crush on. We actually saw this girl at our annual youth meet called, “National Ho Youth Meet”.

SLYCK: How are your future tracks looking like?
BLAZE: My future tracks would be focused on my people, my language, and my city. India does not know about us, about the ‘Ho Tribe’. I want them to know that we exist and are as talented as any other artists in the country.
A lot of people especially the youth of our tribe feel ashamed to call themselves a part of it because people don’t know about us. I want to change everyone’s perception about my tribe and want my language to be in the mainstream, like when people listen to Punjabi music they recognize it. Similarly, I want my language to be recognized. Once that is done I will also be working on stuff which has a bit of braggadocio in it.

SLYCK: Who are your favorite rappers?
BLAZE: Eminem, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and Bohemia.

There are high hopes for these guys and you should definitely hear them. Check out the track and tell us what you think!