#ExclusiveInterview: Shah Rule Is Ready For, ‘The Race’.

I have now known Shah Rule for quite some time now. He is a very diverse artist and has a very intricate discipline for his craft. If you thought that he is taking a commercial route with his previous release then well you have to check out, ‘The Race’. The track discusses how the world around is controlled monetarily and is the reason for most of the problems around us if not all. Shah ate up the instrumental and burped out some nasty verses. Zoya, who is a blessed singer and hails from LA kills it on the hook.

The track is interesting and you should check it out.

I caught up with Shah just to see what’s he up to and this is what I found out:

SLYCK: What has Shah Rule been upto?

SHAH RULE: Being a complete badman in these Mumbai streets son. Lol, just mainly gearing up for upcoming releases and gigging locally in Mumbai with various Hip-Hop DJ’s. Will be hitting up one of my hometown’s Hong Kong in early April for a few gigs & music work. Also just a lot of work in the lab, editing, mixing, and mastering for my own stuff and the homie Nasty Ninja.

SLYCK: The new release is hot, tell me a little about it?

SHAH RULE: It is indeed! It features a very talented Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, Zoya, whose been killing it in India for the past couple years! The track ‘The Race’ is a musical rant on how money can completely control our lives and truly be the root of all evil. The reason I call it a rant is because the main hook line ‘Pulling out the race, meaning I’m not giving a fuck about this money chase and all these bills etc, which is something you will say one minute, and in the next you will snap back to reality and be on your grind.

SLYCK: I have always loved your instrumentals, who produced this one?

SHAH RULE: The beat was made by Mumbai-based Music Producer and Sound Designer Abhi Malhotra. He is super talented and is one of the first few people I met when I moved to Mumbai, so we’ve been collaborating quite frequently. He also produced the posse-cut we did which featured Mumbai’s Finest, Cash Cardz, called ‘The City’. He’s currently producing and touring with Monica Dogra.

SHAH RULE: What got you to make a one shot video?

SLYCK: To be honest, I really wanted it all in one shot but some uncle from that society kept ruining the shot or car kept driving by. So it’s not completely all in one shot but that simplicity of a one location shoot is there. Big up Shravan Shetty and Nasty Ninja behind the camera! I mainly wanted the focus to be on the theme of the track, so we did the shoot knowing we were gonna throw all the lyrics up on the video.

SLYCK: Your last release had a more mainstream appeal, this one is definitely more underground. How do you plan to maintain this balance?

SHAH RULE: I still plan on mainly focusing on more commercial music and ultimately my aim is Bollywood. Though throughout the years I always released mixtapes and collaborations with other emcees which were straight bars. I look at this release as a good balance between those worlds, having both bars and melodies. Go check out my latest single ‘Tu Kahan’ on Zee Music Company if you haven’t yet!

SLYCK: How are your future projects looking like?

SHAH RULE: My next few singles feature a few names in the Bollywood circuit like UK raised playback singer Apeksha Dandekar and US raised playback singer Jeffrey Iqbal. Keeping it global as always! Still, a lot more records to release with the homie Nasty Ninja, which we are currently shooting videos for. I’m also featuring and producing a few tracks for Hard Kaur’s upcoming mixtape ‘Hip-Hop Association India Vol. 1′. It features many up and coming and established Desi rappers, singers, producers and DJ’s and it is gonna be a PROBLEM!!!

SLYCK: Any message for fan and followers?

SHAH RULE: Only the beginning! Lots of music coming your way. Currently putting together a band, similarly to what I had in London. A DJ who scratch like a madman and a shredding guitarist, so do expect many action packed shows coming up!