#ExclusiveInterview, D’Evil breaks down what is the Dreamteam up to ?


Enkore and D’Evil from the Dreamteam released a refix of Mike Posner’s, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” as a part of their Dreamteam sessions. The track has to be dope when you got these two titans working together.

A rather calming and conciliating track with a very ambient vibe.In this episode they featured Wide Octaves and Bone Broke which took things to a different level. From what I know Dreamteam has been invested in the studio working on individual projects as well as different collaborations.

With the scene growing consistently with videos and tracks dropping by the dozen it is refreshing to see these Mumbai inhabitants keeping the art of jamming alive and also reminding us that music making should be fun along with putting in efforts and sincerity.

I caught up with the D’Evil just to see what is he and the crew upto and this is how our conversation went down :

Slyck : For those who dont know, introduce ‘Dreamteam’ ?

D’Evil: Everyone in the team is a part of the dream, and our long term goal is to achieve benchmarks in Indian music, and hip-hop in particular, that no one has even attempted to yet. As for the team, we have Sinista, who’s a DJ and producer with very diverse influences. He’ll go from psychedelic to old school hip-hop and then to trap – you wouldnt even know what’s hit you. Then, slowly entering the rap arena with his additional mixing and mastering talent and his ‘southside’ and ‘west coast’ productions is Blunt. The newest addition to the crew is ambient bass producer Wide Octaves who’ll leave a lot of the scene wondering where the fuck he was hiding when we start putting more material of his out. Kedar Amburle is originally a photographer but also acts as the creative director for most of our videos. We also work with other artists and producers like Sez, Stunnah, Vinayak J and more. And of course, we have some of India’s top rappers like myself and Enkore who don’t need introduction honestly. Come on now.

Slyck : How involved were the ‘Dreamteam’ in your latest single Kadki? Has the crew been happy with the response?

D’Evil: Dreamteam is always directly and indirectly involved in all of our projects. On Kadki, Enkore was a help on the sets of the video as well as in giving creative inputs with the music, Vinayak co-produced and mixed it, Kedar obviously shot and directed and Blunt is always around for mixing especially. I haven’t asked them if they are happy with the response, but I’m sure they are. The whole crew fucks with the song and we know we’re headed in the right direction.

Slyck : The last ‘Dreamteam Session’ was intense and quite the treat, tell us a little about it?

D’Evil: I would give all the credit to Enkore for this. All I did was show up at the jam session, and I was late for that too, cuz of stupid reasons (may have been a girl involved but don’t tell nobody). We had really great artists working on it. Bone Broke on vocals and guitar and it was the first time we worked with Wide Octaves too. What yall don’t see is that the jam needed a lot of discipline and arrangements. Enkore made it happen. We jammed and finally did it. Also, my verse is an old one from a song called Marijuana Rhapsody, it fit well with the theme of the song.

Slyck : It is good to see you guys still keeping the art of Jamming alive, how essential do you think it is for rappers to jam?

D’Evil: Every musician should jam. Its practice and its important for everyone. If you want to perfect any part of your skill, practice your music regularly. In classical Hindustani they call it riyas. Plus, when you jam with different artists , you get to expand your own zone of creativity. Rappers should jam as much as they can.

Slyck : Can we expect a project from ‘Dreamteam’ in the form of a crew album or mixtape?

D’Evil: I cannot imagine the kind of stuff we’d put out together looking at the variety of talent that we have in Dreamteam. Everyone really is mad hungry and talented, and we will definitely keep putting things out as a crew.

Slyck : What do you think about the state of Desi Hip-Hop now?

D’Evil: I see Desi Hip hop is shaping up like play dough. Everyone has a direction to their own style and its accepted by the audience too. I do though feel that artists can be more honest to the art of hip hop and it’s culture. Desi hiphop will soon be popular worldwide tho, for sure.

Slyck : Any message for your individual or crew fans or followers ?

D’Evil: We try to give all the messages through our songs and lyrics. This is the time we all need to stick together and make hip hop reach places. I’ve been saying this for years now. Drop your egos and pride. And join the ride.