Illa Straight Makes A Comeback With Gotta Make It | Exclusive Preview

US bred rapper Illa Straight is making a comeback with his latest release “Gotta Make It”. Audio released yesterday and Desi Hip Hop has some inside scoop for you. Illa and his team have high hopes from this release and now so do we.

After playing the track once, listeners will automatically go in to the zone it takes you to. The soothing production just creates a perfect aura complimented by Illa’s verses. “Gotta Make It”, as the name suggests, is a motivational track for every artist trying to make it in their respective fields.

Illa Straight has been out of the scene for sometime. With the changing phase of hip-hop in India, the rapper is all set to make a strong comeback. There is no looking back from this point! Illa and his team have lot more in store for the audience. “Gotta Make It” is just the start of it!

Lyrics of the track are quite inspiring as Illa contemplates his future. From the type of artist he wants to be, to letting the artist life take a toll on his mind – he carefully ponders on the decisions made by him. All this with a belief in his heart that at the end of the day, he has got to make it! Make music, live in the moment and chase the paper rightfully so.

gotta make it illa straight

Cover art of the track is on another level! You can see the metaphor Illa tries to portray in the article. Taj Mahal bouncing the reflection of White House. Being brought up in the States, Illa still feels connected to his roots. Some more inside details that DHH has to offer with regards to this track is the official music video’s release date. While the audio has dropped already, official music video will be released exactly one week later. We are sure much like the audio the visuals will also capture the audience’s attention.

Illa Straight is an artist to look out for and readers should keep an eye out for more activities. An exclusive interview regarding the video’s release will soon be on its way. Illa and his team will be hopping on board for the Live on DHH section sometime this week.

“Gotta Make It” will pave the way for future releases by Illa. According to the artist, this music video will be followed up by another release which will be on a much wider scale. One step at a time, Illa aims to achieve milestones with every release.

illa straight gotta make it

Illa Straight was born in the Chicago and grew up in various locations ranging from Chicago, Philadelphia, to India. His upbringing and experiences have heavily influenced his music. While in India, Illa Straight reconnected with his roots and utilized his time by honing his skills on the microphone. Being of Indian descent and growing up in various locations, he feels he has a unique responsibility of representing a variety of people and places that have made him into the man he is today.

It is this belief coupled with the ability to connect to his audience that have allowed Illa Straight to perform in the United States and India, and open up for popular artists such as Akon and Flo Rida. Illa Straight is currently in India and continues on his quest to share music with the world.

Watch Illa Straight’s latest drop “Gotta Make” It here –