Exclusive Interview: ‘Zan TwoshadeZ’ Describes His Hop-Hop experience in U.S.

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>Zan TwoshadeZ is the one-half of 2-ShadeZ and also an RJ on Capital Radio 91.6 FM which is the 3rd best radio station in Sudan and the first English radio station started by Taha El Rubi. He does two shows Coca-Cola Top 10 and a Hip-Hop Show which is 2 hours in duration and comes 5 days a week called ‘THE SCENE’. Zan recently travelled to U.S to spend some time with his wife and to see what the country has to offer.

He went to Washington D.C and New York and had a whole bunch of different experiences. He jammed with street performers, went to several places and knowing how social he is, he probably ended up speaking to a dozen of people and absorbed their culture and offered his experiences in return. I still remember speaking to him in the recent past, during the days when Donald Trump was running the U.S like the circus and banning immigrants.

I spoke to him about how his trip was and he had some pretty unique experiences to share:

SLYCK: How was your trip to the States?

ZAN: Well being part of the U.S history was great. Women’s March and watching sister Alia Sharif perform was delightful. Although it is a tough time to be there for the Muslims, but there is something telling me that they will see this through.

SLYCK: How was it to visit the birthplace of hip-hop? What was the best experience about New York?

ZAN: New York New York… Ja Rules track was stuck as soon as I got there Alicia Keys ‘Empire State’ resonates beautifully, it’s no joke New York and Mumbai don’t sleep (still, have to visit Mumbai)… The best experience of New York was being at the top of Empire State Building and using a Tele Viewer (Telescope) to look at the moon.

SLYCK: How are the minorities reacting to whatever actions Trump is taking?

ZAN: *SMH*! It is crazy because minorities don’t feel safe any more… but the majority are supporting the Immigrants and Refugees and you can see them being really vocal about it. For example, Lawyers were sitting on the floor at the airport (arrivals) to help people who don’t speak English but are American citizens holding Green Cards, to get to their homes safe.

SLYCK: Were you able to interact with any of the performers ? Were you able to showcase what you do when it comes to Hip-Hop music?

ZAN: I performed at a subway with a very talented street performer named ‘SUNGBEATS’ who uses beat boxing and his vocals with a loop machine to entertain people. I started spitting bars alongside this Mexican guy who is a multilingual rapper. It was mad fun!

SLYCK: I remember you telling me that travelling is one of the best ways to gain different experiences, do you still recommend it?

ZAN: I remember HE-RA (TINYDROPS and SLUMGODS) saying this, The World just seems to be big and scary. Well, in reality, it isn’t. To anyone who is following this interview, TRAVEL!

SLYCK: What attributes can Desi Hip-Hop incorporate from the American Hip-Hop scene?

ZAN: As we all know… being a Hip-Hop artist is not only about being an entertainer, we forget that we are responsible for shaping the youth in a major way. So I would love to see artists take this artform seriously and influence their communities in a positive way.