Exclusive Interview | San Cha


There are a lot of upcoming and established rappers from New Delhi and San Cha is one the them. He is considered one of the most versatile rappers when it comes to lyrics and delivery. San Cha is a songwriter/rapper who is well reputed for his dark sided songs. A music addict turned guitarist who use to perform at different clubs with his band “Mridung“. Mridung disbanded after passing away of their lead guitarist.

His journey in the Indian Underground scene started when Kanish “The K-Ji” Sharma met him with his fellow rappers Ankit “AP” Pasricha & Raja Axe D back in the December of 2012 and suggested to form a crew, “Drunken Majesty. The crew was tight for an year and performed in a few gigs but never released a track with all of the members on a single beat.

Here’s how our chat went with the rapper –


1- What is San Cha upto these days ?

A- I’m a bit more determined and devout for my work these days. Although, I work daily but I’ve a added a few more hours in my routine just for music. After all, Writing & Programming are not the ones that you should abstain at the end of the day.

2- There is tons of music coming out of Delhi, What do you feel about that ?

A- Delhi has its own style & Delhi has its own savor. Whatever genre you choose to listen, you’ll find it in Delhi. Hip-Hop especially is indeed a big part of its music and we have many soldiers here who are brawling for Hip-Hop like Muhfaad, Marshall, Yawar, Encore ABJ, Punit Malhotra etc. MC Kode is lethal when it comes to rap battles. Delhi is prepared for everything.

3- Tell us about your past projects and what are you planning to drop in future ?

A- I went in the booth for the very first time in 2013 and recorded ‘Jeen Da Nasha’. I used to pen songs as I was into Rock & Metal but Hip-Hop in particular took its flight in 2012 for me. Since then, I’ve released two mixtapes (Rhythm and Poetry, #KehDiToKehDi) & many singles as well. Now, I’m working on two other mixtapes which are planned for this year. Then, I’ve a few collaborations like a mixtape with Cash Saini, some singles with Uday Bakshi etc..

4- What are your views on Indian Underground Hip Hop scene ?

A- Indian Hip-Hop scene is flourishing. I’ve seen kids who’re living in slums & are having a misfortune but what they have in them is a fascinating sense of rhymes. Their rhymes are way more acute than the music on Television. What is it? The impact that Hip-Hop is making in India. I’m sure this is happening in other parts of our country too. Language is no more a barrier for rappers and being a multilingual artist gives you a ample of admirers. Indian Underground is smart & way more aware than our parents and society thinks. Everyone is working hard to achieve their dreams and this is the way I think of the bloom of youth.


5- You have a very unique style/delivery, Do you think everyone accept that ?

A- Yes, they accept it. My audience definitely likes it. The thing with my music is that I’ve a dynamic style. I’ve three styles of dubbing. I record tracks on my conventional vocal pitch, on a higher vocal pitch and on a more harsh and aggressive sort of pitch. I think everyone else can do the same but they’re just not doing it. I’ve not released a single video in 4 years and this is what they’re not accepting and expecting from my end. I’m working on my continual look as I want my first video to be a banger. So, It’ll be worth the wait.

6- Have you ever tried experimenting with your work ? If you did, how did it come up ?

A- Yes, I’ve been experimenting on my idea of seeing the world. I did it by making a exquisite choice of not going pop. Although, I’m not against it. But, I just don’t fancy it right now. I’ve experimented by not signing a deal that I was getting with a label. I indite what I feel and I indite what I see. I experiment on my mixes, I experiment on myself. You’ll see it in my forthcoming music too.

7- What genre you personally listen to ? And who are your favourite artists ?

A- I listen to everything. My playlist is replete with tracks for every mood. I listen to a lot of Ghazals & Qawwalis. Kumar Sanu is more than a favorite to me. I’ve played Rock & Metal for more than 3 years. So, I listen to a lot of Guns N’ Roses, Suicide Silence, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Bullet For My Valentine and others. In Hip-Hop, I love the East Side. Jay Z has always been my favorite. So, You’ll find ‘The Black Album’ in my ‘Most Played’ category.

8- Any message for your followers/fans ?

A- An artist perseveres for of his fans. I feel blessed that they’ve been supporting me in my times of vicissitude. They inbox me with their love and greetings and that’s when I feel that I’m not like those who’re just trying to spread a sense of detestation in this world. I want everyone to stay safe and healthy. Keep chasing your dreams till the day you achieve them.