Exclusive Interview With Rush Toor From BEG ‘Humble Up’

Rush Toor and Guru Lahori from BEG promised us fireworks in ‘Humble up‘ and we witnessed it indeed. BEG is stacking one hit after the other and also involved in separate solo projects. They are working on music as well as their ‘Mehfil‘ series to promote new talent not just from North America but from around the world and I have seen their fan base growing in front of my own eyes.


I caught with Rush to talk about the latest drop, ‘Humble up‘. We discussed the release, the production behind it and how they went about the video, and just to see what the crew is doing nowadays. This is how it went :

Slyck – What is BEG up to?

Rush –  We have been focused on progressing our Mehfil series by bringing in new talent from around the world and helping them be heard. We also have our own individual projects happening simultaneously which have kept us extremely busy. But all in all, BEG is moving forward and that is all we could ask for!

Slyck – Tell us a little about your latest release, ‘Humble up’?

Rush – Our latest track, Humble Up, features me and Guru Lahori. I started this track over the summer and sat on the verse for a while before I actually shared it with the guys. They were feeling it right off the beat and Guru dropped his hot 16 with a hook and the rest is history!

Slyck – Tell us a little about the production and the video shooting process?

Rush – The entire production and video process were shot by Guru’s good friend Bhavesh Chauhan. I flew out to Calgary where Guru and Vivek live and we began shooting. This was actually the first time I met Guru Lahori and Kallmeup. The experience of shooting the video was surreal and very fast paced because we had only 2 days to shoot. Luckily we made it happen and the footage came out looking amazing at the end.


Slyck – How are your future projects looking like?

Rush – BEG has a line up of tracks which we are working on at the moment including our Mehfil series. Actually, we recently decided that we will be making an EP in the upcoming months so that will definitely be something to look forward to. Honestly, we go by what we feel and how things are around us so there is always that chance for us to drop side tracks from time to time.

Slyck – What do you think about the Desi Hip Hop scene?

Rush – We are very blessed to be a part of a growing community of Fusion and Desi Hip Hop artists. Over the recent years, more and more talent is surfacing and its great to be able to witness the growth of the culture. We as BEG are just a small piece of a larger piece which represents Desi Hip Hop. Everyone has a story to tell and now due to social media those stories are being heard all over the world!

Slyck – Do you have any message for your fans and followers?

Rush – To all our fans, Thank you for your continued love and support. I’m going to be honest and say we are who we are because of our fans and how they spread our message and our music. Without them our words would never be heard, so thank you for being an active audience and doing more than just listening! Respect! And since some of our fans are also other artists, I will just say this…doesn’t matter if you rap, sing, or sway (rap-singing) whatever your forte is if you speak loud enough the world will listen! Push through!

Watch ‘Humble Up’ by Guru Lahori & Rush Toor –