Exclusive Interview | MC GO Dravidan #ChennaiMixtape

2007 witnessed a Tamizh rap album ‘Vallavan‘ by Yogi B and Natchatira. It came and changed the perspective of MC Go Dravidan towards Hip-Hop. This Chennai-based rapper heard this whole album and was into Hip-Hop since then. ‘Madai Thiranthu‘ came after the album was dropped and it increased his affection towards this beautiful genre of Tamizh rap.

He took the pen up and started off writing in the typical Chennai style and formed a crew ‘Thiru Valluvan Hip-Hop‘ with his fellow rappers DustyMC Ganee. They toured around the country and performed on more than 200 stages. But what he preferred over everything was Tamizh ‘Folk Style’ & Beatbox scene as he is a beatboxer himself. As everyone knows, Hip-Hop is still growing in India and this growth was minimal back then. So, he decided to form a label ‘Think Future Records‘.

MC Go Dravidan
He is one of the four rappers involved in the Chennai city’s forthcoming mixtape ‘Lessons‘. To know about his side of perspective towards this particular project, I decided to talk to him.

SAN CHA: How Did The Idea Of Creating ‘The Chennai Mixtape’ Come Into Your Mind?

MC GO DRAVIDAN: I started off my Hip-Hop business back in 2012. I was worried about the Chennai’s slow growing rap scene. I had an idea of doing rap music to represent my city since then but it happened four years later in 2016 with the release of ‘16 Bars: The Chennai Cypher‘ at DesiHipHop with six of my city’s rappers. The planning for this tape began the same day.

SAN CHA: How Did The Execution Of An Idea Take It’s Final Shape? (Who Approached Who?)

MC GO DRAVIDAN: After the release of ’16 Bars’, King ND called me & AJ RWB to a coffee shop for a meet. We decided to bring Ddm from DopeMachas on the tape & that’s how the planning was done.

SAN CHA: What Should Everyone Expect From This Tape?

MC GO DRAVIDAN: It will make everyone realise what Hip-Hop truly is. It’s not drama. There should be stages for Hip-Hop artists cos’ it’s the rawest form of music out there. Hip-Hop heads should expect different recipes from this mixtape.

SAN CHA: How Do You Think Your Role In The Project Is Different From Others? Explain Your Role.

MC GO DRAVIDAN: My role has always been different from others because of my flow, lyrical preferences & delivery style. Everyone is different from others and we’re are here to give you various flavours. My fans and friends will definitely get a different product from my end this time.

SAN CHA: What Are Your Future Plans After Dropping This Mixtape?

MC GO DRAVIDAN : I’m planning an independent music album after this mixtape by the name ‘Go‘. Before that, I’ll work on my dream that’s been there for a long time. It’s about ‘Urumi‘ in South-Side folk style. We’ll record tracks only on beatbox and these tracks will be out with their individual videos. You guys will love this type of sound.

My tape with Ddm Dopemachas is almost done and we’ve named it ‘Kissa‘. It’s coming out soon. I also have projects for Kollywood cinemas. Praise the Lord.