Exclusive Interview | MC DDM #ChennaiMixtape

MC DDM claims that the main reason behind his move of stepping in the rap game was bad grades in school. The song that got his attention towards rap was “Madai Thiranthu” by Yogi B, Dr. Burn, MC Jesz (Kavithai Gundar) along with Lockup Guna as a featuring artist. This track forced him to research on this genre of music and that was in 2010. MC DDM is one of the members of Dope Machas who record music primarily in Tamizh Hip-Hop and is based in Chennai.

The reason why I decided to interview him was plain and simple. ‘Chennai Mixtape‘ is dropping very soon which features four rappers & a single producer for its final cut. You already know that the producer of this mixtape is Adithya Bhat. MC DDM is one those four rappers who’re featured on this project. To know more about him and the ‘Chennai Mixtape’, I had a conversation with him.

San Cha : How Did The Idea Of Creating ‘The Chennai Mixtape’ Came Into Your Mind?
The idea came up to us through one of the rappers who is also a part of this tape “Lessons”. He gathered us together and explained everything including the support that DesiHipHop.com was willing to put in for us by acting as our sponsors for the city’s mixtape. So, we all shared our ideas which gradually transformed into the final mixtape.

San Cha : What Should Everyone Expect From This Tape?
Each and every artist have portrayed different stories in their singles from the tape. It also features a track which is all about our city (Chennai) and we’ve used our day one tool, a microphone to twist things up.

San Cha : How Do You Think Your Role In The Project Is Different From Others? Explain Your Role.
As an artist, I’ve tried to spread knowledge by spitting rhymes that are target towards society in general. Rapes, murders etc. are happening daily & this is what troubles my inner soul. Everyone used different topics and themes to shape this tape up. I can’t reveal everything for now but we didn’t use a theme twice.

San Cha : What Are Your Future Plans After Dropping This Mixtape?
MC DDM: After this, I would be down with spreading the culture with Experimental Hip-Hop and spreading the vibe with some acts on the stages. I’m working out for my mixtape “Kissa” which is going to be a good stoner’s guide music.