Exclusive Interview | Lazarus

Next time you ever hear someone say Desi’s should not rap in English, make them listen to Lazarus. This doctor/rapper has already worked with the likes of Royce Da 5’9″ and KXNG Crooked. If that was not enough then there have been several rumours regarding Lazarus being involved in the studio with legends such as Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

lazarus kxng crooked

Other than his International collaborations, his most awaited collaboration is MTBK along with the creator of Punjabi Rap, Bohemia. It is expected to drop really soon and we cannot wait for it.

His track ‘Fearless‘ along with KXNG Crooked also made head spins and is an Anti-Trump anthem. He got on to social media to show it was going and the video looks promising. It seems to be strategically planned to be dropped around the elections in order to make maximum impact and convince the voters to make the right choice.

I just caught up with Lazarus and this is what he had to say:

Slyck- You have been busy with various projects, shed some light on it ?

Lazarus- Steady working. My album “Music Is My Medicine” is done and pending a release date. Getting ready to drop some back to back videos from the album.

Slyck- We heard ‘Fearless’ some time ago, it was fire. How is the video coming along ?

Lazarus- The video is filmed and is currently being edited. The plan is to release it 2 weeks before the election.

Slyck- Tell a little about your upcoming album ?

Lazarus- I put a lot of love into it. I want to show my versatility as an artist and I feel the album shows how I can adapt to any kind of track while showing my songwriting ability.

Slyck- What do you think about the Desi Hip-Hop scene now ?

Lazarus- It’s vibrant and it’s growing. Happy to see the spread of Hip-Hop in the Desi scene and definitely excited to collaborate with some Desi Hip-Hop artists this year.

Slyck- Any message for fans and followers ?

Lazarus- Thank you all for always supporting and following my movement. Let’s keep it moving. You guys are my inspiration.