Exclusive Interview | KING ND #ChennaiMixtape

Known as ‘Chennai’s Desi Rapper‘, Nitish Dogra aka KING ND is a rapper and a lyricist from a Punjabi foundation. Nitish was brought up in Chennai city and had energy for the composing verse from his school days. He gradually built up his adoration for rap music and in this manner began his vocation by taking out home recorded tracks in English. When he entered school he expressed to convey no-nonsense rap in Hindi/Punjabi desi rap. He has performed around his city furthermore ventured out to Bangalore speaking to DesiHipHop.com. He blends Hindi with a little Punjabi and likes to call it Hinjabi.

His vision is to put Chennai Hip-Hop on the maps of the Hip-Hop scene. He is the backbone and one of the four rappers who collaboratively created ‘Lessons‘ which is Chennai city’s mixtape. I decided to have a conversation with him regarding his ideology towards Hip-Hop.

SAN CHA: How Did The Idea Of Creating ‘The Chennai Mixtape’ Come Into Your Mind?

KING ND : I’ve always wanted to do something like this for a very long time, but I was focused on my own music. I thought that I should first make my own audience before collaborating with my city artists on something big. I did work before on a few singles with my city artists but doing a mixtape is a big step. Everyone has their own perspective and agreeing on one decision does takes both time and patience. Gujju Bhai aka IQ, the founder of desihiphop.com came down to Chennai and sat down with us and had a chat about the Hip-Hop scene.

I showed him around a bit and he wanted me to do more to help this culture grow. He told me that they (DHH) are planning on a city’s mixtape project. And if I was interested, he would add our city to the roster. It was a good opportunity for my city as it would get the exposure it needs to get things rolling here. I agreed and that’s how it all started.

SAN CHA: How Did The Execution Of An Idea Take It’s Final Shape? (Who Approached Who?)

KING ND: Once it was decided that Chennai was doing a mixtape, the next step was to start planning on the list of people who will be associated with the project. I had worked on a collaborated project called ‘16 BARS The Cypher‘ so it was easy for me to connect with the artists. I asked AJ, DDM & Mc Go Dravidan to hop on the mixtape and everyone did. Then came the production part so I asked my good friend Aditya aka Clown to help us on this project. He sent me a few beats, I met the other rappers and together we selected 6 of them. AJ brought in Studio Seven and they helped us with the recording, mix & master. The Chennai Mixtape was finally shaping up as a team effort. I’m thankful to iQ aka Gujubhai, Sandeep Singh and Mo for guiding us through the making of this mixtape.

SAN CHA: What Should Everyone Expect From This Tape?

KING ND: Nothing fancy just straight talk. The title of the Mixtape itself is the cover and the book. This tape is a taste of Chennai and the title track ‘Chennai City‘ will take you for a spin around my city. The other solo tracks are the lessons based on motivation, drugs, rape and believing in yourself. The last track covers every Rappers true love ‘The Mic‘. It’s multilingual and has something for everybody. Not everyone is going to understand Tamil but I’m sure you will be able to make a connection is some way or another. It’s also the first Hip Hop Mixtape coming out of Chennai and we are very excited.

SAN CHA: How Do You Think Your Role In The Project Is Different From Others? Explain Your Role.

KING ND: I believe I was just a messenger. I was given the idea and then I delivered it to all the others who are associated with this mixtape. You can say I tried my hand in uniting a few talented artists from my city to make this happen. The information and updates would flow through me to DHH and vice versa. I’m strict when it comes to music and I lose it when things get delayed. Sometimes I would just be a mean guy when something or someone causes a delay cause I don’t like fooling around. So I was the man with the whip.

SAN CHA: What Are Your Future Plans After Dropping This Mixtape?

KING ND: It’s the start of a new year, so that means another year of experience added and a new journey unlocked. Right now, the projects in the pipeline are a few untitled tracks in which I’ve collaborated with artists from different cities. I’ve also started working on my dream project, an album titled ‘K.N.D’ which means ‘Kings Never Die’. My full concentration right now is on K.N.D and I’m working hard to give you all some good music. I may also drop a few singles here and there. I’m looking forward to working with many artists from different cities while I try to make a mark this year, cause I really feel that I’m under-rated and deserve a lot more. I’m just gonna give it time and through my constant hard work, I’m sure I’ll receive the respect and recognition which is due. Not to forget I’m looking forward to performing at events and promote hip-hop in the city.