Exclusive Interview – JC Sona

JC Sona from the Sona Family just released a refix of Susti by the New Delhi’s Puneet, Marshall and Harsh. JC Sona has been doing Hip-Hop music for quite some time and has a very strong affinity for refixing’s.


Being from one of the first powerhouses of Desi Hip Hop, ‘Sona Family‘, JC Sona has been working solo for quite some time and has a very experimental approach towards his music. He likes to mix up elements from electronic, dance and other genres and add his own flavour of hip-hop to it. He is currently working with different artists from U.K. and U.S., collaborating and producing music. Sona is constantly involved in the studio working on one project or the other.

I caught up with JC Sona and this is how our conversation went down.

JC Sona

Slyck- You have this affinity towards refixes, what attracts you towards them ?

JC Sona- Coming from a Hip-Hop background, I grew up doing remixes of Hip-Hop songs and making mixtapes, so it is something that I love doing. It also gives me an opportunity to help up and coming artists to create a new version for their original songs and something for the fans to enjoy.

Hip-Hop is in my blood, I have grown up around it, also being a part of the Sona Family a Hip-Hop based group creating songs such as “Ek Glassy, Do Glassy” feat Hard Kaur and travelling the world doing shows and working with a range of artists, it has helped expand my creativity and knowledge base and has enabled me now to create songs from any type of genre be it Hip-Hop, dance, electronic or RnB.

Slyck- What got you to refix susti ?

JC Sona- I heard the song on Facebook for the first time and contacted Puneet. I told him the song was great and their vocal talent was off the chain… I said let’s do a remix as the original beat was a Dr Dre beat, I felt the song needed its own identity and a fresh beat that it can call its own. So I and Puneet spoke, he discussed it with the team and here it is, the song has been created.

Slyck- What are the plan for your future releases ?

JC Sona- I have been releasing songs as a solo artist now for about a year. As I said earlier, I was a part of the Sona Family as a DJ/Rapper/Producer although the Sona Family beats were produced by Harry Sona aka the S6 Boy, who I have learnt a great deal from and run Sona Entertainment Ltd with.

We have a lot of music ready for release, so much so I could potentially release a track every week for a year if I wished, but that wouldn’t make marketing sense lol. At present, I am working with a British Rapper , Tino Attila, on various songs and an American rapper, KNS Tha Engineer, to name but a few. We also represent a Desi singer named Sonu Singh, who has a new release at the end of this year called “Sher Punjabi”. We have a great team and it is a delightful journey that we are on.


Slyck- Can we expect an album or a mixtape ?

JC Sona- At present I am happy putting out singles. We could put an album together and will definitely be doing a mixtape but, I think singles are the way things are going at present, but let’s see.

Slyck- What do you think about the state of Desi Hip-Hop ?

JC Sona- Desi Hip Hop is a good movement, we were doing Desi Hop Hop years back as the Sona Family, so it’s not something new, but it’s recently become very popular. I feel with artists such as Bohemia and Honey Singh, the movement has captured young desi rappers to become more creative with their lyrics and has become more confident. It’s a good thing, it gives people a purpose and makes them build a knowledge base and express themselves and their lives through music.

Slyck- Any message for your followers ?

JC Sona- I would like to thank everyone who supported us during the Sona Family days and to all those who support me and my creative journey now. If any of you are going to get into music then please do so, but remember, it’s not easy; people will try to push you back, your songs may not get played and you may feel like giving up. My advice for you is that if you enjoy it then go for it and keep going, push through the barriers and get heard, social media is a great tool so use it to its full potential.

I would also say practice all the time, be it vocals or beats; listen to music and rapper flows and you will learn so much more. Get in touch with me as I would be happy to help any up and coming artist, my social media is as follows:

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