Exclusive Interview: ishQ Bector is Back With Dakku Daddy 2

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There’s no doubt that IshQ Bector has been a pioneer in the Desi Hip Hop game. He has been one of the most inspiring artists ever to hit the microphone in my opinion, both as a commercial and an underground artist IshQ has proved to be influential. With commercial hits like ‘Aye Hip Hopper‘ and ‘Dakku Daddy‘ IshQ Bector was one of the forefathers in the Desi Hip Hop culture.

Dakku Daddy 2

IshQ Bector is now set to release Dakku Daddy 2 so me and Slyck Twoshadez caught up with him prior to the release to have a catch up. This is a commercial track with ‘Funk You‘ being a part of the project and is set to drop on 7th December. Check out the exclusive interview we did.

Dakku Daddy 22

Kode : Do you think Dakku Daddy 2 will be bigger and better compared to the prequel?

IshQ : Nobody really knows the fate of a project before it is launched. To many variables involved. All I can say is that it is a bitch slap in the face of the regular run of the mill Bullshit that music lovers are subjected to now a days.

Kode : How did this project came into being?

IshQ : This summer I signed up with Qyuki digital (AR Rehman and Shekhar Kapoor’s digital distribution platform). On their roster they have the Funk You boys (YouTube stars). Funk you boys are avid fans of Dakku Daddy and requested that we collaborate on DD2. Qyuki thought it was a good idea so we made the song and roped in Shakti ji for the video.

Slyck : How do you maintain the balance between underground music and commercial music ?

IshQ : Simple. Underground is for the love of the game to give something fresh that isn’t available anywhere else. Commercial is all about being a team member and helping execute the directors vision.

Slyck : I was intrigued when I heard your name for the first time, what is the story behind it ?

IshQ : Actually the word ishQ is in every fucking hindi song from kambaqt ishq to ishq kameena. So when I was thinking of shifting my focus to the global Indian community, I decided to take a word that is over used and give it a new spin!

Slyck : Who are your top 5 Indian rappers ?

IshQ : I like everyone who is passionate about their music. But unfortunately I only know the music of the rappers who are smashing shit commercially. Everybody knows who they are. God bless them for taking the culture further.

Kode : You had Rakhi Sawant as a feature for more than a couple of tracks which was surprisingly amazing. What future collaborations can we expect?

IshQ : I’m down to collaborate with anybody who’s game is tight!

Kode : What are you thoughts on the current rap culture in India? Who all are on your playlist?

IshQ : Rap culture is growing like mad. Better late than never I guess. To tell you the truth, lately I haven’t been listening to music in my free time. I’m more about audio books! Or listening to the spiritual and philosophical teachings of Osho and Dr Wayne Dyer.

Slyck : Will there be a change in the way you approach music because it has changed tremendously in the past 2 years.

IshQ : Yes. Fuck Radio. Fuck TV..Fuck record labels.Songs will go straight from my studio to my subscribers.. Uncencored.. Unadulterated..

Kode : What do you have in store for the future will you be consistent with your art? What all should we expect for 2017?

IshQ : Fuck yes. I’m cleaning out my closet. So You can expect a new song on my YouTube channel every 15 days and a new video every 45 days all through 2017!

Slyck : For you Desi Hip hop is………………

IshQ : Putting your gully/ Desi culture on blast!

Luckily we heard a preview of the Upcoming track. Blessed is what I felt, this track is a banger for sure with a trap styled beat the bass goes hard so does the lyricism of IshQ . Audiences are in for a surprise from the hit maker. This track is surely going to be on your party playlist for while.

Follow IshQ Bector’s youtube account for the video coming out on the 7th of december,