Exclusive Interview – IshanTube | Put Your Belt On

Hip-Hop was started as a rebellion by a community and during its journey, it became a medium for spreading a message. It is very comforting to see the upcoming generation of emcees absorbing the same principles.

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Here we have the Ishan and Ayaan putting down a message about car safety. It is catchy, simple and extremely effective, it is called, ‘Put Your Belt On’.

PUT YOUR BELT ON resulted out of a project based learning exercise promoting seatbelt safety by the students of Carolyn Clark Elementary School. The track comes along with a supremely dope video showing the boys chilling with their homies in San Jose, California and educating the people about vehicular well-being. Chamillionaire might have a problem with this release as the boys are setting an example for riding clean and are not bothered by the cops for the same.

The track has been executively produced by their pops, IQ, yup that’s right, the saying ‘like father like son’ is true. ‘PYBO’ is being loved by the listeners and also music celebrities like Raja Kumari and Manj Musik who have retweeted it. The track is going viral and be sure to check it out :

I caught up with the boys and had a very enthusiastic and fun-filled conversation with them as I asked them the following questions:

Q1. What are Ishan and Ayaan up to these days ?
Q2. How was the recording experience for the track ? Was there any nervousness while recording ?
Q3. How did your school react to the track ?
Q4. Who are your favourite rappers, Desi and Videsi ?
Q5. When is your next track dropping ?
Q6. You guys got mentioned on social media by some really popular people, how does that feel ?
Q7. Any message for the fans and followers ?

The answers have been compiled in an exclusive DHH video, check it out right here :

Take the #PYBOChallenge and buckle up!