Exclusive Interview With Grammy Winning Producer ‘Nikhil S’

Nikhil Seetharam, also known in the International music scene as Kromatik, is a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning Canadian composer and record producer from Toronto, Ontario. He is respected for his contribution to the Hip-Hop industry and is also responsible for scoring orchestral music for films, trailers and video games. Some of his film music credits include Idhu Namma Aalu, Sinner, Searching for Angels and Every Door, Every Floor.

Kromatik in his studio.


His catalogue in the Hip-Hop industry is very impressive and he has worked with the likes of  T.I, Ciara, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Drake (yup you read that right), Tank, Slaughterhouse, ASAP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Nelly Furtado and Chris Brown. I was blown away when I came to know that he co-produced, “Swimming Pools” from Kendrick Lamar‘s album,’good kid, m.A.A.d city‘.

I caught up with Kromatik and discussed his journey thus far, I wanted to witness his thoughts about the Desi Rap scene, who his favourite artists are? Have a look at how our conversation went down.

Slyck- Do you follow Indian Hip-Hop underground scene? If you do which artist do you like most?

Kromatik- I hear my friend Xenon Phoenix is paving his way in the hip-hop music scene in India. I’m usually wrapped up in my own creative world, so I don’t get around to listening to much music in general, although it’s interesting to hear different dialects within the same genre.

Slyck- Do you think Indian hip-hop scene is growing and has the potential to grow in coming years?

Kromatik- Hip-hop will continue to grow and adapt all over the world as long as there is a hunger for it. Hip-hop that plays well in clubs and on the radio takes precedent over the more lyrical and poetic songs. If Indian hip-hop balances these opposite ends of the spectrum, I definitely see the scene continuing to grow and mature in the coming years.


Slyck- Would you like to work with any Desi artists?

Kromatik- I’m always open to working with talented artists from all over the world if the inspiration is there.

Slyck- Among the several known acts that you have worked with which one would be your favourite?

Kromatik- Without a doubt, working with Drake has been great. It is always ideal to work with artists who you can connect with on a personal level because the musical output tends to be better and more fulfilling.

Slyck- What suggestions or advice would you give to budding producers?

Kromatik- Be objective in self-evaluation and never get comfortable with the sounds you use. Keeping up to date with the industry-standard sounds is crucial because your work will always be compared to the heavy-hitters in the game. Also, don’t let trends stop you from experimenting because trends are ever-changing and stem from venturing into the left-field.

Slyck- What message would you like to give to folks who look up to you?

Kromatik- I’m grateful for anyone who is a fan of my music, and I hope they can use my advice to forge their own path. Most people will tell you to focus your dreams, and I can’t stress how important that mentality is. It takes working overtime, 6 to 7 days a week, even when you’re tired, because there are a lot of musicians in the world who have a similar passion and your work has to stand out in some way. I’m a big believer that good music will organically find its way to the top.

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