Exclusive Interview | DJ Sa

There’s not much that can be said about India’s most well known Hip Hop DJ that hasn’t been said before. DJ Sa has been an integral part of the homegrown hip hop scene for about as long as there has been a hip hop scene here in India. Having played hundreds of shows not only in India, but also the surrounding countries, Sa, has steadily cemented his place as the go to guy to get any hip hop jam jumping.

His monthly night ‘Uncensored‘, held at the Mumbai & Pune Blue Frog venues, became the corner stone for hip hop nights in India and recently completed it’s two year anniversary. We recently caught up with the man himself to see what he’s been up to lately and chat about whats next for Dj Sa.



DHH – When did you start DJing and who were your inspirations ?

DJ Sa – I started DJ’ing at the age of 17 when I just got into college. My biggest inspirations back then were Eminem, Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, Biggie & Tupac.

DHH – Why hip hop…?

DJ Sa – Actually, why not?! For me, things just hit it instantly from the rhymes to wordplay to punch lines and most importantly, the story it portrayed in every song. I feel that every song and every artist’s life could be relived through their songs.

DHH – What is DJ Sa’s dream DJ line up…? (3 DJ’s)

DJ Sa – DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, DJ Premier

DHH – Do you follow much Desi Hip Hop – if so who are you currently in to ?

DJ Sa – Yeah, I do follow a bit of Desi Hip Hop. Currently, I’m totally digging Divine – the kid has got mad flow, Sikander Kahlon – boy is straight fire, his verse over the Narcos theme song is my current favourite and on repeat. Prabh Deep from Delhi is another rapper who is definitely getting my attention….Desi Hip Hop is in great hands.

deejay sa dj sa

DHH – You’ve won a number of awards for your work, what would you say is one of your proudest moments ?

DJ Sa – Honestly, I have a lot of awards but my proudest moment was to see my mom’s face when I got my 1st one ever. The joy it brought to my parent’s face was priceless. More than receiving any award, it’s the happiness you get from their happiness, you get what I mean…?

DHH – There’s an age old debate, traditional DJing vs Digital – As a DJ, how do you see technology playing its part in hip hop moving forward ?

DJ Sa – The debate is going on for years and I believe that you play to entertain a crowd. How you do it doesn’t matter. As far as technology is concerned, it puts me on the edge to do something more and more creative with my sets, and how I can differentiate from the rest.

DHH – What’s next for Sa…? What are you currently working on ?

DJ Sa – A few things in the pipeline (will share it all in due time). Apart of my solo DJ sets, it’s amazing to see sets with my bud Sound Avtar (#SAxSA) are going strong.

DHH – Lastly, any inspiring words for any budding DJ’s out there…?

DJ Sa – Hustle and work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself!

You can catch SA this Saturday in Delhi playing along side Sound Avtar at The Ragadub 2016 At Raasta Hauz Khas Village– sure to be a killer show!

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