Exclusive : Interview with DJ Karma

DJ Karma has been one of the dopest DJ’s in the country for a long time. Has covered almost all the Hip Hop gigs in Delhi’s nightlife and makes the crowd groove to some classic Hip Hop. He is one of the most known DJ’s when it comes to Hip Hop gigs in the capital. I personally had the opportunity to visit one of the gigs he did and saw pure Hip Hop magic and that made me respect him as an artist. The old school vibe he brings is lit and the track list he has will make you groove for sure. In a recent Gig DJ Karma played with DJ Premier the living legend that itself proves why DJ Karma is one of the dopest out there. Check out the exclusive interview we did.

Dj Karma 1

Kode- With DJing being one of the most crucial elements of Hip Hop, What made you get into the culture of Hip Hop and not any other genre?

Karma- I was born and raised in Dubai. There was enough Hip hop & Rnb along with other genres being played on the radio to rub off on me. But to really accept any genre you have to be able to connect with it without thinking too much about it. MCing is what really drew me to hip hop. We all start as shit MCs, as did I, and I had nobody to guide me in the start. DJing was more accessible for me so I chose that path. Hip hop culture is something I lived, loved and then learnt.

Kode- Why did you choose ‘Karma’ as your stage name?

Karma- Because DJ Adesh just won’t cut it. I was a kid trying to make an impression. I guess it was meant to be a subliminal warning that you better not cross me. A lot of people think I am Tibetan tho, because ‘Karma’ is ‘John’ to them. .

Kode- Being a Dj, who are the people who inspire you the most?

Karma- Rone Jaxx my friend and first guy to inspire me. DJ Skip is another friend who keeps inspiring me with his success. All my young fellow MCs  – Manmeet Kaur, Krishna Kaul, Slyck, Prabh Deep, Calm, Abhijay, Youngsta Ash. I consider it a blessing I got to watch the art grow and them hone their skills to perfection over the years.

Kode- A word of advice to all aspiring Hip hop DJs

Karma- Listen and collect Hip hop music. Learn DJing. Link up with your favourite MCs. Find hip hop listeners and build a following. Send them your mixtapes. Don’t be sloppy. Don’t send out shit music as spam. Blast your mix to a few real friends that actually listen to hip hop music to get their opinion before you share on social media.

Kode- Old school classics Or New school vibe which one you love to play the most?

Karma- I love the Biggie era. That was new school when I was growin up. But hip hop has evolved and you always got to be fresh too. I love mixing it up. If you come to my gigs you’ll realize I throw some Rnb in the mix too, to add some soul to it. What I would really love to be able to do is just play a desi hip hop set because representing whats local hip hop would be actually adding to the international hip hop community. Its all in the works.

Karma 2

DJ Karma is one of the dopest and most inspiring artist in the whole Hip Hop scene. To witness what he magic and vibes he brings stay updated on his page – Facebook