Exclusive Interview | Cash Kardz & P Swish

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We have not heard from Cash Kardz in a very long time and he is finally back with his new video, ‘Khaas‘. Cash still carries the signature laid back flow and corrosive rhymes but he did not come alone to this party he got P Swish with him.


Just a glimpse of the hook and you will figure out what the track is about, it is about something special which literally translates to ‘Khaas‘. I have heard Cash before and he still packs mean punches alongside the groovy flow but I heard Swish for the first time and he has done justice to the track and will be waiting on more material from him.

What stood out for me in this track was that although Cash featured Swish but it never felt like the product of the collaboration of two different artists, they both shared the intensity of a team and maybe in the future we get to hear them as a duo.

Check out their new video, right here :

I caught up with both of them and this is how our conversation went down :

Slyck : What are Cash Cardz and P Swish upto these days.

Cash : Cash kardz as the ones who know me know loves cash and good music. Thats what i’ve been pursuing. I’ve been locked in the studio since last few months and i’ve been spending most of my time working behind the boards, producing and engineering records for myself and my clients. So music ! music ! music ! and a couple of side hustles.

P Swish : The focus was always on making great music and further improvising it. I’m on a constant effort to bring something new to the table. Something they never heard before. Sounds that strike your senses straight. Cuz we been hearing the same stuff for a long time now. It%2