Exclusive Interview: Brodha V Breaks His Silence On Let Em Talk


Desi Hip Hop got in touch with Brodha V to spill the beans on ‘Let Em Talk‘. As we revealed earlier, Brodha V has outright name called commercial rappers viz. Badshah and Honey Singh. From sharing some of the production tips to revealing his future plans, Brodha V gets chatty with us in this exclusive interview. His latest music video Let Em Talk has become the talk of the town. DHH gives you a fresh scoop of some inside details on the same!

Exclusive Interview: Brodha V Breaks His Silence On Let Em Talk

Deepa: Tell Us What ‘Let Em Talk’ Is About!

Broda V: Let Em Talk is a song for all the underdogs. It is a song about overcoming negativity and keep your head up high irrespective of what people around you talk about you. If you keep working hard and smart you’ll make it big one day.

Deepa: You Took Shots At Honey Singh And Badshah In The Track. What Motivated That Move?

Broda V: I’ve got love for both of them and their hustle. Badshah is a nice guy. But I just feel like I’m the better rapper both lyrically and technically. It’s just me being competitive and telling all Desi Rappers to up the game. It is great when you’re making insane amounts of money while constantly giving the masses some generic, oversimplified and dumbed down music, but if anybody wants to be known as one of the greats in rap, you’ve got to do a lot more than that. The Indian masses believe Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah are the two best rap artists in India. You wouldn’t hear Americans call Pitbull or Flo Rida the best rappers they have just because they deliver hits. Pop stars and Rappers are completely different people. This song is about me showing people that difference.

Deepa: Where Was The Video Shot? Few Of The Locations Seem To Be Foreign

Broda V: The entire video was shot in my hometown, Bangalore. It’s a beautiful city indeed.

Deepa: What Are Some Of The Key Elements That Form The Banger Production Of ‘Let Em Talk’?

Broda V: Let Em Talk heavily samples South Indian Koothu Music. Koothu Music is one of the traditional forms of Folk Music that comes from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala which dates back to thousands of years.
The idea was to fuse that with Hip Hop and give it more authenticity to Brodha V as a brand. This is the sound of where I come from.

Deepa: Would You Like To Share Any Tips For Aspiring Producers?

Broda V: Always listen to as much music as possible, irrespective of the genre. Improve your knowledge about music. Spend time with more musicians and keep jamming with other musicians and friends. It’ll help you stay creative and inspired.

Deepa: What More Is In The Store For The Future?

Broda V: I’ve got a lot of Music Videos and Collaborations coming out this year. An All-India Tour next month. And to take over the Desi Hip Hop scene of course.

Brodha V‘s confidence is surely admirable. Being one of the pioneers a lot of expectations dangle over his head. Which he is fully aware of; as we can see how seriously he takes his music. Have you heard Let Em Talk yet? Watch the video here and tell us what you think. Has Brodha V done justice with this drop?