Exclusive Interview – Bishmen Write

My journey in music has helped me meet some dynamic human beings and one of them being Bishmen Write or as his close pals including me call him Bishmen. He is one go-to guy for all your music video solutions in Bangalore. I have had the pleasure of working with him during the Hum Hip-Hop project and also on other music videos.

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He is a happy go lucky bloke who is not only loved by rappers from Bangalore and but from other cities alike. He is a laid back dude but when it comes to work he gives his 150 percent and it is hard to match his conviction. His attention to detail is phenomenal and his work reflects his commitment towards his craft. Bishmen has worked with a lot of Desi Hip-Hop artists as well as international acts and has made a name for himself.

I caught up with him just to see how he was doing and what is currently occupied in, this is how it went:

Slyck: How did you start your journey into music video shooting?

Bishmen: Well, a lot of people don’t know that I always wanted to be a rapper and I used to record my own videos but later down the road I felt that I was better behind the scenes, doing magic behind the camera rather than in front of it. That was the point I took making music videos seriously and people called me for making videos and not for tracks which kinda boosted my confidence and later I enhanced my skills step by step and got serious about making music videos. That’s actually how my journey started…


Slyck: Do you have any inspirations? Do you follow anyone’s work from the American Hip-Hop scene?

Bishmen: Well everyone has inspiration and for me it was not from one but many places, I like classic directors like “F.Gary Gray“, who portrays the visual story through the artists words and flow, then “Mark Romanek” who has a more abstract and innovative way of storytelling which is quick but smooth. I also follow “Director X” who is versatile and can work in any genre and is one of my favorites. I recently came across “Edgar Esteves” who has an amazing understanding of the art of camera angles and fast cuts.

Slyck: Who all have you worked with from the Desi Hip-Hop scene?

Bishmen: Well the Desi Hip-Hop scene has offered me a lot to work with, I have worked with talented artists from South and North India alike. I have had the pleasure of working with artists like Big Deal, Smokey the ghost, MC Bijju, Rinosh George, Gubbi, Slyck TwoshadeZ, Prabh Deep, I got to work with these artists as they were a part of Hum Hip-Hop project. I have also worked with many talented international and national artists like Rajakumari, Divine, Naezy, Reggae Rajahs and much more.

Slyck: Among the music videos which you have done so far which one is your favorite?

Bishmen: Well my current favorite is my upcoming project with Big Deal called “One Kid With A Dream” but the one which connects to me and my family is Forever Grateful also my dad loved the song and the video.

Slyck: I was blown away by Big Deal’s new teaser. How was that experience for you?

Bishmen: Well it has been a great project for me. I have not only directed but also shot the video. This project started off with a crowdfunding project which gave us a stable financial base that helped us shoot in magnificent locations where movies like “Main Hoon Na” and “Jagga Jasoos” were shot. The song has been shot in three major different cities namely Puri, Darjeeling and Bangalore just to make this song come to life and it is always a pleasure working with Big Deal, can’t wait for it to release.


Slyck: How is the future looking in terms of your releases?

Bishmen: Just as I mentioned above, “One Kid with a Dream” with Big Deal is looking very promising. Once that is done I’m working on other projects like, “Manasu” with Hip Hop Kannadigaru, “I’m going Down” with Smokey The Ghost and “I Hate You” with Big Deal…..these are only a few of the projects that I am working within the coming months. However, I am working on my own project which is a documentary about Indian Hip Hop the details of which will be published soon. Seems like the future is good.

Slyck: Any message for new and upcoming videographers?

Bishmen: Well my advice to them would be to “Stick to your Basics, take your time in pre- production, know your strengths, learn from your mistakes but don’t be afraid to experiment! Try and stick to a budget and most of all be true to yourself!”