Exclusive Interview | Billy-X

Billy-X, who was born as Babar Khan, is one of the oldest rap artists from Pakistan’s desi hip hop scene. This rap artist from Lahore, Pakistan is known for his chucklesome lyricism and a divergent style of music.

Juttni‘ is still considered as his finest works but he has delivered some other popular tracks as well. Tracks like ‘Badshah‘, ‘Billo‘, ‘Nehar‘, ‘Hor Nai‘ and several others have helped him in cementing his position in the music scene.

He has been on a hiatus from music as he is completing his post-graduation from Australia these days. I decided to have a conversation with him and there are many things that you’re gonna learn about him today.


San Cha: You Left Your Mark In The Industry With ‘Juttni’. How Do You Think The Funny Side Of This Track Has Helped You?

Billy-X: I have always liked to portray my humour in my music as it’s an essential part of who I am. Although, I was a shy kid initially but music provided me with a medium to really express that side of myself and as you can see, ‘Juttni’ became a part of everyone’s lives and memories in different ways.

San Cha: Who Do You Think Was The Best In The Pakistan’s Hip-Hop Scene Before You Stepped In? Why?

Billy-X: I would say, I was a part of a generation of artists who brought this form of music to the forefront. 2003-2009 was heavily influenced by rock and alternative music.

San Cha: How Do You Think The Underground Hip-Hop Scene Has Changed Since Then? Any UG Artists You Like In The Scene Right Now?

Billy-X: I think these are tough times for the underground artists. I was lucky enough to have grown in music circles at a time where the underground music culture was as popular as the main stream. Underground artists do not have enough opportunity for exposure as far as stage performances are concerned. That experience is critical for any artist to be carved into a diamond.

San Cha: I’ve Received Several Requests For Your Interview. Your Fans Are Waiting For You To Drop More Music Soon. What Are You Working On These Days?

Billy-X: I have been going through changes myself as far as my musical influences are concerned. I have been experimenting with a few different genres that I’m passionate about. I know I have been a bit in-active as far as putting out new music is concerned. The plan right now is to give the fans what they want, which is a good old sick rap/hip-hop track. Work on that has already begun. After dropping that tune, I’ll put out some music that’s somewhat different from rap but we’ll see what response we get.

San Cha: What Was The Moment That Influenced You To Pick Up The Pen?

Billy-X: I had an instant intuition that I had to start writing the very first time I heard an Eminem track. As I said before, I was a shy and a quiet kid. But listening to rap for the first time just opened new doors and made me believe that poetry does not have to be in its traditional sense.

San Cha: What Suggestions Would You Like To Give On Improving Writing Skills? 

Billy-X: Practice makes a man perfect. The more you write, the better you’ll become. Reading also helps as it provides you with new ideas and new words to use when rhyming. Always take pointers from the rhyming skills of the artists you listen to.



San Cha: When Are You Coming To India To Perform Live For Your Fans?

Billy-X: I think I’ll get an invitation one day or the other. I definitely still have to create a bigger fan base out there still.

San Cha: Do You Think ‘Gangsta-Rap’ Or Rap, In General, Is Influencing Youngsters To Leave Their Homes And Studies To Pursue Their Careers In This Genre? What Would You Like To Advise Them?

Billy-X: It’s all in your head. I actually left a successful career in music for a while and came to Australia to complete my studies by doing a post-graduate degree.

San Cha: How Can An Underground Artist Work With You? 

Billy-X: If they have a good idea for a song, they can email a demo of the track to askbillyx@gmail.comIf I think it’s something that suits my style of music, there is nothing that will hold me back from not considering doing a feature.