Exclusive Interview : Baajewaala

Baajewala just put together the first producer cypher in India and it seems to be going viral. The 20 minute instrumental is dope and it allowed multiple producers to get onto it and to give it their own twist. Their Facebook page is called The Band Part Collective where they are going to publish weekly beat cyphers which are open for all to be part of. This initiative is called as #BandBaajaCypher.



The beat goes through several transitions and it is evident that every producer tried to give their best . I salute Baajewala for the initiative and sincerely hope all his efforts take him a long way. In my conversation with him, I could sense his dissatisfaction with the fact that the producers are not as recognised as the artist they are working with.



I had an in-depth conversation with him and this is how it went :

Slyck: What is Baajewala up to?

Baajewala: Well, I want to take the Indian Music Production scene to the next level. I’ve been repping for about five years in the Underground and never got a big placement. But, now I want to help all my fellow music makers by getting them heard and getting them the recognition they deserve.

Slyck: What inspired the concept of beat cypher?

Baajewala: I realised that we have a lot of dope music producers in the Underground scene who are just trying to get heard and recognised for their music but couldn’t really get a platform. So, I thought of starting these cyphers where we could see more and more of different producers and their skills in music production.

Slyck: I am intrigued by the concept, tell me a little more?

Baajewala: Beat cyphers were first started by Team Supreme. All these dope music producers like Djemba Djemba, Nalepa, King Henry and Mr Carmack are there. I have been following them for a long time and I really liked the idea of multiple music producers working on just one sample in all the different ways possible. That could really help a producer explore more ways of making music.

Slyck: Who are your favourite producers?

Baajewala: I feel there’s a whole diversity of music producers I follow and look up to. I listen to a lot of different artists and genres. Metro Boomin, Mr Carmack, Oshi, Flume and Getter are some names that I can remember.

Slyck: What do you think about the Hip-Hop producers in the Desi circuit? Who is your favourite, if any?

Baajewala: We have a lot of awesome producers in the scene right now. But, most of them still follow the ‘Type Beats’ stereotype. I won’t say that it is bad because we need money, so we sell stuff that rappers want. But, if everybody started to do that, when would Indian scene grow! Originality should sell. That is what I want to promote through The Band Party Collective. Talking about the Underground, it wouldn’t be justified if I didn’t mention the name of the maestro, Sez. I have known him for about 4 years now and I used to send him beats for reviews. That guy is a Genius! Also, HHB and Stunnah are stepping into the game too. DJ Palash, Shay-D, Tammy Jr are also some of my favourite producers.

Slyck: What are your future plans?

Baajewala: Future is a little too far for now because we’ve just started off. I will be trying to keep Band Baaja Cyphers going the right way and get it to a bigger crowd. All these producers have been working really hard. So, I have the responsibility to get them heard. I’m just trying to keep up to that for now.

Slyck: Any message for fans and followers?

Baajewala: I don’t really have any fans or followers. Just some supporters and brothers in the scene. My man Yash Chandra, I would like to thank him for getting me into this game. Also, shout out to my big brother and my mentor, Advait Veer Chauhan. He was the one who worked real hard to get my music heard.

Check out the cypher here: