Exclusive Interview | AJ RWB #ChennaiMixtape

AJ RWB is an Indian multilingual rapper, Hip-Hop record producer who started his career in 2009. He is one among the well-known rappers among the Chennai underground scene who bagged the name “The Intricate”. With his smooth flow and by the formation of intricate half and internal rhyme he stands outta unique. He Founded the record label called ‘RISKWITHBEATZ‘ through which he produced experimental Hip-Hop and helped upcoming artists.

He then introduced the Hip-Hop movement called ‘ZIPIT‘, an initiative to bring back rap music in Chennai clubbing scene. He is among the very few rappers in the country to perform concerts with more than 3000 people. He started a community called ‘VERAMAAARII‘ which collects creative ideas and updates from hipsters lifestyle towards the hip hop community.

He’s one of the four rappers from Chennai mixtape. So, talking to him was a great idea to start with.

SAN CHA: How Did The Idea Of Creating ‘The Chennai Mixtape’ Come Into Your Mind?

AJ RWB: .I always had something on ma mind for Chennai like an anthem or something. In fact, I already had a track with me.We used the original hook of ma track in Chennai city track which came nice and groovy.

SAN CHA: How Did The Execution Of An Idea Take It’s Final Shape? (Who Approached Who?)

AJ RWB: King ND came up with an offer from Desi hip hop and approached me regarding the mixtape.We planned the crew who can really do something on it to drop Chennai on the maps of Hip-Hop.

SAN CHA: What Should Everyone Expect From This Tape?

AJ RWB: The game is not same everywhere.In Chennai, it’s is totally different.The possibilities of getting a good deal in the music industry are very low.So this mixtape brings out the lessons we as artists have learned.

SAN CHA: How Do You Think Your Role In The Project Is Different From Others? Explain Your Role.

AJ RWB: Studio manager. I would say everyone did their best. Apart from that, I took care of the studio for recording and organising everyone on the schedules even though I was not physically present.

SAN CHA: What Are Your Future Plans After Dropping This Mixtape?

AJ RWB: Focusing on producing beats apart from rapping. Hopefully, I’ll balance both.