Exclusive Interview | Adithya Bhat #ChennaiMixtape

Adithya Bhat who is also known as The Dark Clown earned his reputation as a bedroom producer a long time ago. He decided to name his production house ‘Clown Media Solutions’ but claims that his knowledge in the field of production & it’s technicalities were minimum but all he knew was the skills to play acoustic guitars. Time flies and his dedication towards learning helped him in polishing his skills which lead him to start his own production house in Banglore & offers services in the field of sound programming & visual content such as graphic designs, video editing and more.

The reason why I decided to interview him was plain and simple. ‘Chennai Mixtape‘ is dropping very soon which features four rappers & a single producer for it’s final cut. Guess who the producer is? Yes, none other than Adithya Bhat. To know more about him and the ‘Chennai Mixtape’, I had a conversation with him.


San Cha : How Did The Idea Of Creating ‘The Chennai Mixtape’ Come Into Your Mind?
Adithya Bhat : I remember Nitish (King ND) contacting me via Facebook for production requirements for a mixtape. He specifically requested a total old school vibe for all tracks and I started creating beats based on a mixture of both West and East coast subcultures. A lot of producer influences can be seen in the tape ranging from Dr. Dre to DJ Premier, and even techniques which went way over my Comfort level.

San Cha : How Did the Execution of An Idea Took Its Final Shape? Who Approached Who?
Adithya Bhat : It was Nitish, who approached me and requested for music production. I produced and delivered over 10-15 hip-hop beats from which a few were selected for the Chennai Mixtape.

San Cha : What Should Everyone Expect from This Tape?
Adithya Bhat : I expect people to listen to the entire mixtape as a collective project focusing on the lyricism, musicality and culture as a whole which defines South Indian Hip-hop.


San Cha : How Do You Think Your Role in The Project Is Different from Others? Explain Your Role.
Adithya Bhat : Well, as the producer for the mixtape, I guess my role in the project is focused mostly on providing and delivering a concept and visualize the entire mood in a musical point of view. It is the duty of a music producer to add the “feels” and present a vibe, which in turn, converts the idea of an artist to a ‘song’.

San Cha : What Are Your Future Plans After Dropping This Mixtape?
Adithya Bhat : Since the production of the mixtape, I’ve opened a production house, called Clown Media Services, in Bangalore. I have been concentrating and working with various artists in the Hip-hop scene in Bangalore in terms of recording, production, mixing and mastering and wish to be part of the culture that inspired me to start a career in Music.