Exclusive Interview | Abhisting


Abhisting just dropped his new track, ‘Nights in Babylon‘ and it’s as groovy as groovy can get. Abhisting had been making music for a long time and now enjoys a fairly decent following.


At the first look ‘Nights in Babylon‘ seems like any other conventional rap song but it you will only get to know how different it is once you start listening to it. Accompanied by a very well crafted video makes this release a must check out. When it comes to talent among the foreign Desi’s, Abhisting definitely makes it in the top bracket.

I was able to catch up with him and get an insiders scoop on whats going on :

Slyck- What is Abhisting up to these days ?

Abhisting- Currently I’m finishing up the production, songwriting, and vocals to some tracks I’ve been working on. I got a couple songs I’m trying to drop within the next few months that involve having melodic trap beats while keep some Indian elements to them. Other then that I also got some shows coming up which I will be announcing on my social media.

Slyck- The new track is banger. What was the concept or idea behind it ?

Abhisting- I had got let go from a job I had been working out in NYC and I was feeling down and lost. Because of this I had began drinking again at a place called “Babylon Hookha Lounge” in Manhattan more frequently and was finding myself in a dark place. This is how the idea/vibe came for the song, which gave it that type of sound.

Slyck- The track has a pretty sick video too, were you involved in the creative process as well ?

Abhisting- Yea, so the location we shot the video at was actually “Babylon Hookha Lounge” which was a place I would end up at on the weekends. I also wanted to incorporate Indian elements into the song and mix it with a more modern twist, which is how the outfits came to be.


Slyck- The Desi Hip-Hop scene has exploded in the previous 2 years, would you like to say anything about the UK Desi Hip-Hop scene ?

Abhisting- I’m starting to see growth in it, there are more artist coming out. I’m looking forward to see which artists are starting to innovate sounds and come out with new styles. I feel to stand out in the scene artists need to start being more creative and coming out with unique sounds and visuals.

Slyck- How are your future releases looking like ? Can we expect a mixtape or an album ?

Abhisting- For my future releases I’m going to be putting out a few singles / music videos followed up by an album.

Slyck- Any message for your fans and followers ?

Abhisting- Just want to say thank you to all my fans for the support. Being Indian I know our parents can give us a hard time in pursuing our creative passions, but if enough support is there then I do believe that things can change.