Everyones Favourite Brodha V Is Dropping A New Music Video!

Bangalore sensation Brodha V just announced something his fans have been waiting to hear. The rapper took to his Facebook handle and let us in on this good news. Brodha V fans will soon get to see a brand new music video dropping real soon. Titled ‘Let Em Talk’, this will be Brodha V’s fifth independent music video.

Brodha V posted a snap out of his upcoming music video ‘Let Em Talk’ which doesn’t reveal him at all. From the looks of it, the video sure seems to be promising. Keeping up with the level of all his previous drops. This is something we naturally expect from an artist of his calibre!

let em talk brodha v

(Snap From Let Em Talk)

Brodha V’s videos have always been distinctive and enjoyable for everyone. He is easily one of the only English rappers from Indian underground to have garnered mainstream success. And rightfully so! Track after track V has given us visual treats with each of his drops, so we have high hopes for ‘Let Em Talk’. The name itself suggests the track is going to be hip-hop to the fullest!

As of now, the release date is unknown, so stay with us to get more updates on the release of ‘Let Em Talk’.