Every Dreamer Should Check “Bure Sapne” By RD Prince And King Saifi!


Sharan Jeet, professionally known as RD Prince, is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist. He did a track with his mate Thabis Saifi who goes with the stage name King Saifi. Both goes by the name of VIP Munday. A few days ago, both of them released “Bure Sapne”. They put out their feelings on a beat jacked from YouTube.

RD Prince brought an amazing idea of presenting the nightmares of a struggling artist through a pure hip-hop
track. He shared his idea with his mate King Saifi. They thought that this will be really amazing to showcase their real talent. Both decided to split some heat on the beat. King Saifi did the post production for “Bure Sapne”. Inderpal Singh  shot the visuals for “Bure Sapne”.

As a matter of fact, they tried their best to give a pure message. “Bure Sapne” shows that how an artist dreams when he hustles really hard. When an artist only wants success over everything and how situations come and go. People will be going to love this record because they can easily relate to it.

Significant Lyrics Of RD Prince

“Naa Dekhna Chahta Hai Koi Mujhe Khush Kewal Maa Baap Ke Ilawa, ,

Yeh Cheezein Jo Bahar Se Laage Lubhavani,

Asal Mein Sab Hai Chalava,

Chehre Se Karta Vyatteet,

Main Zindagi Jab Tak Naa Aaata Bulwa” .

Significant Lyrics Of King Saifi

Sabhi Hain Insaan Par Nahi Hain Insanyiat,

Ghar Wale Kahein Roz Ban Engineer,

Ban Tu Bhi Genius Joo Ghar Laaye Paisa,

Paar Main  Hoon Cashless,

Jaise Hoon Modi, Haan Baand Karun Paisa”

These boys are making some realistic tracks which are really dope. I’m sure you will love it.

Stream “Bure Sapne” By RD Prince And King Saifi Here: