Enkore’s Next Music Video Is On Its Way, And We Have Inside Details For You!


Bombay rapper Enkore is on a roll ever since he dropped his debut album Libra Scale. Marking his spot as an ‘un-fuck-with-able’ emcee, Enkore went on to perform his album at lot of shows since last year. Now we have exciting news from his side, as he just announced his upcoming music video Fourever‘.

Enkore took to his Facebook page handle and posted a classy photo from his upcoming music video for the track ‘Fourever’. The track is produced by Sez, which means banger beats!  We got in touch with Enkore to get inside details on the making of ‘Fourever’. He revealed the tentative release date is sometime in March last week.

New music video soon. Fourever.#SezOnTheBeat #Dreamteam

Posted by Enkore on Sunday, March 12, 2017

A great has put in their hard work behind this music video. Enkore has himself co-directed the video with Kedar Amburle from Dreamteam and folks from One Digital Entertainment. Hiren Kachchhy, Saishyam Haridas, Mishaal, Karan Patil and Yash Pania from One Digital Entertainment have collaborated for ‘Fourever’. Kedar has worked on D’Evil‘s hit music video ‘Kadki earlier.

Although Enkore didn’t spill the whole bag of bean, he let us in on a little scoop of what the track is about. According to him this type of a track has yet not been released. He stated, “I don’t want to delve too deep into this so early but for now I can say that the song – and video – are about the death of a relationship.”

He went on to add,

It’s just me just trying to understand if all endings or deaths are bad or if that’s just a real caught up way of looking at things. There’s hardly anything out there right now like the song and video and I can’t wait to bring that soul back to Indian hip hop once again.” We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us too!

Stay with us to get more updates about the video!