Enkore Redefines Professionalism With “Fourever” Music Video

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If you want to do it like a pro, take notes from Bombay rapper Enkore who dropped “Fourever”. After creating lot of buzz with the trailer release, Ankur Johar decided to drop the video without further ado. This music video was definitely worth the wait as we can see the amount of work put behind it.

Enkore Copes With Heartbreak In Fourever Teaser

Fourever’s music video has everything – glamour, drama and intriguing story line. Desi Hip Hop had earlier let its readers know that this music video is about the aftermath of the end of a relationship. Not being able to cope with reality, the artist finds solace in the end of a liquor bottle. Penning down his emotions in whatever he finds, including a piece of tissue paper.

While this topic is something very common, Enkore’s take on it is rhythmic and easy to connect to because of his unique style. Even a layman who has no interest in hip hop can connect with Fourever’s music video. Such is the brilliance of its simplicity, which makes it stand out from other videos we have seen this year.

What we loved the most was the troupe of Kathak dancers who added their own charm in the video. A stylish Ankur is backed by gorgeous dancers in few scenes adding a touch of refreshment. An idea like this is something we expect from an artist like Enkore who is known for going out of his comfort zone. Fourever’s music video is thus nothing like the mainstream hip hop videos you will see.

enkore fourever

Before the video’s release, Ankur chatted with us saying, “It’s just me just trying to understand if all endings or deaths are bad or if that’s just a real caught up way of looking at things. There’s hardly anything out there right now like the song and video and I can’t wait to bring that soul back to Indian hip hop once again.” He has proved himself right, Fourever is definitely soulful to the core.

Enkore has himself co-directed the video with Kedar Amburle from Dreamteam and folks from One Digital Entertainment. The beat has been produced by Sez who has worked with Ankur on his album “Libra Scale” as well. Needless to say the production enhances the whole vibe of this drop, props to Sez!

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