Here’s How ‘The Vice-Versa’ Party Went. Exclusive Interview | Enkore


Enkore Vice Versa Image

Yesterday night, Mumbai has witnessed some amazing performances at the party organised by Vice Versa. A hip-hop-bass/live Electronica project started by Bangalore based music producer Manas Ullas, Mumbai-based musicians Rohit Pereira aka P-Man and Sidd Coutto.

‘The Vice-Versa’ parties are crazy and this time its level was a notch higher with performances from some well- known Mumbai rappers like Enkore, P-Man, dieFFERENT and DJ Proof. The event was hosted by P-Man himself who is also known for hosting ‘Vh1 Music Diaries‘ on Vh1 India. The night was amazing as all the performances were great and the artist didn’t disappoint the crowd at all. got an opportunity to have a brief chat with Enkore which was taken before his performance.

Let’s have a look at some Questions answered by Enkore himself.

Mridul: P-Man, Enkore, DJ Proof And Different All Under One Roof. What Should Everyone Expect From ‘The Vice-Versa’ Party?

Enkore: A lot of dope hip-hop and one hard ass ‘Vice-Versa Party’ as usual!

Mridul: We Recently Saw A Video Of Your Sister Aranya Delivering An Amazing Piece Of Spoken Word. What Do You Think Is The Strength Of Her Style?

Enkore: The thought she puts into her message and not just the words or lines. It’s easy to get caught up and be just about writing clever lines but the message often gets diluted.

Mridul: You Used To Collaborate A Lot With Other Underground Artists But You’ve Kinda Slowed It Down From A While Now. Is There Any Specific Reason?

Enkore: Man, I’m not going to take names but some artists let me down a bit with the way they treated the collaborations. So, I just realised that unless there’s really something in it for me, I’m just going to work on my solo stuff or for my Dreamteam family. There are a bunch of underground artists I’d love to work with them and I’m sure this will materialise when the time’s right.

Mridul: You’ve Seen Mumbai’s Hip-Hop Scene Grow To The Level That It Is On Today. What Is Different From When You Started?

Enkore: We went from writing raps to making songs to now making moves. We have a lot more rappers now too, and that’s also a testament to the seeds we had been sowing for the last few years. There’s more whack shit as well now, a lot. It’s because everyone thinks they can rap, but that’s just part of the game, I guess. Those artists will hopefully grow too into making things of more quality and/or substance.

Also, shout out the new managers/venues/agencies/etc. that are now listening to rap. Time will tell if they’re really about it or just riding the wave, but it’s good they’re taking notice.

Mridul: We’ve Seen You Doing Everything Independently. What’s Your Take On The Requirement Of Labels In A Rapper’s Life In Desi Hip-Hop?

Enkore: There are some things that only a label can provide, but not having one shouldn’t be an excuse. Having said that, we do need the infrastructure around hip-hop to keep improving, and it seems like it is.