Enkore Copes With Heartbreak In “Fourever” Teaser


Enkore Copes With Heartbreak In Fourever Teaser

Mumbai rapper Ankur Johar aka Enkore is creating a buzz about his upcoming release “Fourever”. Desi Hip Hop had earlier got in touch with him to get more inside details on the track. Like always, he didn’t spill many beans! The latest teaser of the track gives an insight on what the video will be all about.

Teaser of  “Fourever” has a lot of familiar faces from Enkore’s crew, Dreamteam. Towards the end, we see Enkore and D’Evil sitting face to face. D’Evil seems to be trying to make his crew mate understand that these things happen and he shouldn’t stress about a girl. Ankur had earlier revealed that the track is about the end of a relationship. He stated:

“It’s just me just trying to understand if all endings or deaths are bad or if that’s just a real caught up way of looking at things. There’s hardly anything out there right now like the song and video and I can’t wait to bring that soul back to Indian hip hop once again.”

Enkore has himself co-directed the video with Kedar Amburle from Dreamteam and folks from One Digital Entertainment. The beat has been produced by Sez who has worked with Ankur on his album “Libra Scale” as well. Earlier, the release was speculated to be in March but looks like “Fourever” will have a May release.

From the teaser, we can make out that Enkore has a lot more in store than what he is showing us. Whenever the video drops, it is going to make the day of his eager fans. Being a veteran from the Bombay scene, a lot of eyes are on him expecting nothing but good music.

Enkore and Soundarya had collaborated on a drop called “Losing My Mind” recently. Fresh video with amazing vocals by Soundarya and a kick ass verse by the “Fourever” rapper. Make sure you check that out too! Meanwhile check the teaser for his next drop.

Here’s the teaser of Fourever. Do you like what you see? Comment and let us know!

Fourever – Trailer

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Posted by Enkore on Sunday, April 30, 2017