Emiway Shuts The Mouth Of Critics By Dropping ‘Mein’!


Emiway dropped his EP, ‘Mein’ this month which comprises of four tracks. After doing a lot of commercial stuff, he thought that he should drop something different that could help him in demonstrating his versatility. Initially, he was not considered as a hip-hop artist. After his EP came out, he surely proved it to the critics.

1. Mein

This is the opening track of his EP. From video to the lyrics, this track is a treat for the viewers. Piyush Chavan did a really nice job with the video.

Significant Lyrics Of  “Mein”:

“Ek sath dekhna main chaa raha do-do chehre,

Galat hoon main nahi samjoge halat tum mere,

Kya karun main, wo hi hora jo likha hai naseeb main,

Alag dikhta hoon main iss bhari si bheed main”.

Stream The Official Video Of “Mein” Here:

2. Abbu

Emiway loves his father and decided to dedicate a track ‘Abbu’ to him. He wants to get succeed in his life so that he can do everything for his parents. He wants to be like his father.

Significant Lyrics Of  “Abbu”:

“Aaj mein jo kuch bhi hoo, sabki vajah mere Abbu,

Sabse pyaara or sabse hai alag tu,

Bhot pyaar tuje karta hoon lekin parantu,

Nahi karta vyakt kyunki khud mein magan hoon”

3. Jhand Hai

This track deals with the real life incidents in Emiway’s life. Emiway brilliantly expressed his feelings through this track and is planning to release the music video for this track as well.

Significant Lyrics Of “Jhand Hai”:

“Zindagi mein meri har ek chezz mein dikat hai,

Batting karne milti hai to pehli ball pe wicket hai,

Ticket hai kya tere pass puchta hai TC,

Jis din mein ticket lie bina karu travel aisi”

4. Asli Nakli

Emiway wanted to record something on an old school beat and made this track. In addition, he wants to tell his fans that when it comes to punchlines, he can also spit some good and heavy punchlines on the beat.

Significant Lyrics Of “Asli Nakli”

“Sachi sachi batein aaj bolega Emiway,

Verse meri itni mehengi tu khareede  EMI pe,

Kyunki chhote, cash wala scene tere bas ka nahi

Gaane toh tu bhi niklata hai par bajta nahi kahin pe”.

Stream “Mein” By Emiway Here:


If you guys still not heard this Ep, then you can click the link mentioned below. Tell us what was your reaction after listening to “Mein”.