Emiway Bantai Is Dropping “Mein” on May 19, 2017!

Emiway Bantai new song-Mein Ep- Indian Rap Image 1

Shahrukh Shaikh, Emiway, is one of kind artist himself. He is the first underground indian rap artist who has more than 1,00,000 subscribers on YouTube. Emiway is also the Radio City‘s “Best Hip-Hop Artist” this year.

Emiway Bantai has already made the industry aware of his presence. This happened because of his out of the box thinking and catchy tracks. If we take a closer look at his tracks, one could easily see that he doesn’t sing like most of the artists. Emiway Bantai’s vocal texture has its own dynamics which in fact, is his prime strength. His vocals are really fast, you have to listen to the track more than once just to make out lyrics clearly. But he also has the talent of singing his songs in a slow and serene voice which shows the incredible versatility of him. His contribution towards Indian rap scene is immense.

Emiway Bantai hails from the land of Vada-Pao, Mumbai and is all set to drop “Mein” on May 19, 2017. “Mein” is an EP which sounds promising and Emiway has been working on it from a very long time. The EP features four tracks and his fans are going bonkers after this news.

Emiway Bantai new song- Indian Rap Image

With a different vocal texture and style, Emiway comes with a bang every single time. He has several other plans after this EP drops and we have a surprise lined up for all of his fans. Until then, tell us how much excited are you for “Mein” by Emiway?

Watch the teaser of Emiway Bantai “Mein” here: