Eminem’s Publisher Vs New Zealand National Party

Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself” is an iconic track and one of the legendary works by the rap god himself. The beat produced by Eminem and Jeff Bass was used in an ad by the New Zealand National Party in 2014 which drew in a lot of controversy. The ad ran for 186 times before being taken down following a lawsuit filed by Eminem’s publisher Eight Mile Style for Copyright Infringement.

The trial for the court case began on May 1st, 2017 and it’s one of the most awkward trial for the court. The trial featured the most depressing squad listening to “Lose Yourself” with no emotions at all. Comparing it to the rip-off version that the New Zealand National Party used.

The trial took a turn for the worse for the New Zealand National Party when the co-producer of “Lose Yourself”, Jeff Bass appeared in court and played the guitar riffs(Acoustic) in the song.

The campaign manager for the party Steven Joyce previously stated their using of the song was “Pretty Legal”, claiming it had been purchased from an Australian music library. The publishers counter-claimed that they never allowed the song to be used in a political advert. Now, the defense lawyers argue that the original beat’s guitar chords were copied from Led Zeppelin‘s “Kashmir.

Watch the controversial political advert below