Eminem’s Iconic Song ‘My Name Is’ Has a Secret Message When Played Backwards

Eminem is considered as one of the most respected and versatile rappers in the Hip-Hop scene and is one of the fastest rapper alive. He has released a number of successful hip hop albums and bagged 21 Grammy Awards for his work in his entire career.

But the RapGod’s breakthrough moment came back in 1999 when he release his album ‘The Marshall Mather’s LP’, which contains some of the best works by Eminem till date. His song ‘My Name Is’ was loved and appreciated by fans all over the world. But there is something special about the track which we didn’t know about before.

The iconic chorus of the track which starts with: “Hi, my name is, (What?) My name is, (who?) My name is, Slim Shady.”

You’all will be wondering what’s new or unique about this, but wait, just hear the song in reverse here:


Now after hearing the song backwards, you might be amazed hearing: ‘It is Slim. It’s Eminem, it’s Eminem, it’s Eminem. It is Slim. It’s Eminem, it’s Eminem, it’s Eminem.’

Was this intentional? Well, I like to think it was, as Eminem is known for his amazing creativity with syllables, we can expect this from him, if not then it was definitely a happy coincidence.