‘Ek Bata Do’ By Deep Harks Is Finally Out After All The Trouble!


Delhi based Hip-Hop artist Deep Harks is not only a rapper but an RnB singer as well. Tracks like ‘Ik Waari‘ & ‘Mainn‘ are considered as his milestones. He has proved it several times before and this time Deep is here again with something fresh.

Yesterday witnessed a release by Harks which was not announced anywhere. ‘Ek Bata Do‘ came out as a surprise & his fans got something completely different from what they usually get from him. ‘Ek Bata Do‘ is a remix of a classic Bollywood track of the same name which is from the movie Kalicharan (1976). This remix starts with a female hook which was dubbed by his sister.

Harks did the production all by himself and has a commercial feel in it. Vocals processed under Auto-Tune are all over the track but trust me they don’t sound odd. This track was done almost an year ago but it came out today. Why did it take so long to come out? Because, there were some issues and blackmailing going on behind the scene.

Deep did this track last year with a plan of dropping something big. A guy that he knew had contacts with some record label who promised him to release the track with an expensive video. He invested his money but the final product was manipulated to him. After some issues and disagreement the video never came out. Deep started receiving some intimidate texts from the editor of the video. So, he had to release it before they leak his product out.

There’s a lot of things that happen behind the scene but people try to keep a calm on the things they face. We’re glad that Deep spoke up & we advise you to speak out as well.