The Effect of Piracy on the Desi Hip-Hop scene.

Online Piracy or Internet Piracy is a serious problem that online community has been facing for a long time and Desi Hip-Hop if you want to accept it or not, has a massive piracy problem.

It’s hard enough for a Desi Hip-Hop artists to earn a little bread and butter from their music, largely because of the piracy in India. Every year many talented artists release great music and what do they get in return…? some Facebook and Instagram likes, a few views on YouTube… is it really enough…?

I feel artists tend not to try and sell their music due to the fact they know a lot of people will just go to ileagal piracy sites and download the track for free, instantly. They might feel that their music won;t reach as far if people don’t hear it and are resolved to put it out for free anyway. The Indian masses have everything available for free, all kind of entertainment by means of piracy whether it be movies, songs, dance or most forms of media, including software.

Maybe the audience doesn’t put money in media which isn’t considered mainstream or doesn’t already have a gigantic fan following. Do young talent fear to sell their art as they can’t afford their art to be a flop show…?

Let me show some stats regarding Piracy:

  • Websites hosting pirated content receive more than 146 Million visitors per day.
  • 22% of all global Internet bandwidth is used for Online Piracy.
  • 95% of music downloaded online is illegal.
  • 60% of the stuff downloaded in India is pirated.

Top 10 Online Piracy

India is on the 5th spot in the worlds top charts for piracy, China being on 1st Colombia being on 2nd Russia being on 3rd and Malaysia being on 4th.

Piracy is one of the major reasons why India still has to struggle when it comes to Desi Hip-Hop and Rap artist making any sort of living. We do not lack in talent, the scene is full of talent but talent needs to be acknowledged, acknowledgment is what Desi Hip Hop deserves.


Desi Hip-Hop needs acknowledgement in all forms, Desi Hip-Hop artists get the love and appreciation but no one is willing to put their wallet ahead of their heart. The day people start putting their money in young talent, we will have a new Rap-God that too from India.

So peeps say no to piracy and support the young desi hip hop scene!