EasterxSunday – The Rising Hip Hop Merch Designer


Fashion is an integral part of the music industry and music merchandise has developed into a huge business with artists including Kanye West, Justin Bieber and the like having their own fashion lines. So much so that Bieber teamed up with Barney’s to create a merch collection.



EasterxSunday is a brand that is making it’s way into the full-fledges merch-inspired street wear in New York, it’s by an anonymous designer. While Kanye West’s recent merch has been mostly inspired by his last two albums, EasterxSunday is filling in the gap with a range of George Condo inspired gear. Artist Condo worked with West on some visual magic for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The brand name is inspired by Easter, a day the designer thinks every parent wants their kids to look their best. EasterxSunday encourages you to do exactly that; dress like it’s easter everyday in the streetwear context. The first jacket that the designer made was a Kanye West inspired one, which led to requests from people and that got him thinking of making more and that’s how the brand was launched.



It’s a musically inclined brand and the source of it lies in the designers favourite artists, music and what actually moved him to make art for it like he does. He is a hip hop baby. His mother was a rapper and has a song with Wyclef Jean called The Perfect Gentleman. So his roots are in hip hop and that’s his first love which found its outlet through his clothes. While he is a big fan of Pusha T’s lyrics, he’s a big Kanye fan, Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

EasterxSunday brought Kanye’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to life with the merch and although the designer would love to work with Condo at some point, his goal with this one was just to make something for the album because he felt a connection with it. It also became a hit with people who were always asking about the merch inspired by this album. So made more. He sources the garments himself and makes all the patches himself.


His thoughts on the legal repercussions are rooted in the reality of the fact that he may get into trouble if the artist decides sue for using their work but the designer considers this more of a homage and a tribute than anything else. While he thinks the designer music merch out there is fantastic he thinks it lacks cohesion.

The focus as of now is on the bunny which symbolises the brand and the designer plans to drop a collection every month. While his first love will always be album collections, the bunny is going to become more central to his designs.