DU Is Against Mainstream Rappers For Their Cultural Festivals!

January in Delhi University signifies fest season and this means scouting for celebrities to perform at various venues. However this time most girls colleges have clarity about whom not to call. The students have clearly taken a stand that they will not be inviting rappers who have objectified women in their music.


What is the point in protesting for women’s rights if we are entertained by songs which say I swear chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu?” asks Samridhi Bajaj, general secretary of the students’ union, Miranda House.

For the past few years, feminism and gender equality have been an intense topic of discussion among the youth. A few student union leaders feel that in one hand they are fighting for equal opportunity and on the other hand they will be dancing to artists who call them, ‘Patola’ and ‘Item’. They feel the lyrics of a few songs are antagonistic to what is being taught to these women in school.


A few of them have gone ahead to say that all these videos portray women to be creatures who are obsessed with makeup, shopping and partying and use men only for materialistic means. They feel it is due to such false portrayals that these rappers cannot be called out.

While these mainstream rappers are being criticised, Raftaar took a very needed step. Everyone is aware of the horrible incident which went down in Bangalore and Raftaar decided to express his views on Facebook:

“Okk Bengaluru. Stand up now. If you know anybody or anyone there who did something like this. Drag him out of the house and fuck his life up. Next can be your sister. Those who think girls should not step out at night or not wear short clothes should not be born with dicks, to begin with. Inhumanity.Ashamed.

Among all the Mainstream rappers Raftaar has also released socially relevant music, His tracks such as ‘Toh Dhishoom‘, ‘Allah Veh‘, ‘Mother Nature‘, ‘Stand Up‘ have all carried some sort of socially relevant message. We salute Raftaar taking a much-needed step.

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