DrG Dropped Some Heat In ‘Take Off’


DrG just dropped some new heat, ‘Take Off‘. This is the first encounter which I had with him and he has done fair justice to his track. Desi Hip-Hop is on the rise and everyone is trying to make their mark, this right here is also another brick in the wall.


One thing which I love about my job is that I get to listen to a lot of variety in the music which I review or write about. Most of the new comers who are trying their hand at the craft approach it the old school way, the old school way being the way it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Although that is considered as one of the best ages for Hip-Hop but a lot of modern day listeners have an affinity for a new school sound and DrG has done exactly that.

This track follows the same lines of misogyny and boasting but also has nuances of him telling about himself and what can be expected of him in the future. The hook is catchy and has a earworm characteristic to it. He is a clever lyricist who will be getting better with time. I personally felt that he lacked a little emotion in his delivery and I honestly hope that the listener of the track disagrees with me. The beat is solid and is made by Jay Kay.

The track also comes with a pretty sick video which has a very Brooklyn feel to it. The black and white video carries the perfect ambience for such a track. The video has been directed by Ashish Pasrija, the DOP was Ashish Uppal and the video editor was Shivam Vohra. The team has done a good job and I am looking forward to more worm from them.

DrG has a lot of potential to grow but till then check out his track right here :