Wide Octaves And The Dreamteam Are Making Power Moves


Enkore from The Dreamteam released ‘Libra Scale’ in November 2015 and it has been a favourite among rap fans since. The Dreamteam celebrated the album’s one-year completion in the form of a gig which was organised at the ‘Cuckoo Club’ in Mumbai. You can have a glimpse of what all went down in the video below:

The video has Enkore performing an unreleased banging remix of the title track of ‘Libra Scale’. The crewmates can be seen chilling, performing and killing the show, with D’evil performing his popular single Kadki as well.
The entire crew is working on individual projects as well as group projects. Dreamteam’s unique Electronica artist Wide Octave’s EP released on the 25th of February but he had previously premiered this EP with a live set at Terminal 2.

I had a short dialogue with Wide Octave and this is how it went down:

SLYCK: Tell us about ‘Terminal 2’. How did it happen? What was the event like?

WIDE OCTAVE: Terminal 2 was my first event as Wide octaves and the first time where I got to perform with a wide variety of artists. The idea for Terminal 2 sparked when we had a crew meetup a few months back and we all wanted to do something fresh and unique. Musically it was a mixed/hybrid event with some amazing vibe and energy. I performed both the songs from ‘Losing My Mind EP’ and ended up with a small DJ set, following that there were some fire performances by our crew members and Bone Broke.

SLYCK: You recently released an EP titled ‘Losing My Mind’, What was the inspiration behind it?

WIDE OCTAVE: Honestly, the inspiration for this EP came from the fast running pace of Bombay. At some point, while working on these songs just like any other songs, I began to develop a deeper connection with them, which made me realise they had to be completed and released with a special energy. The music is a sonic world of mine where I can balance the insanity that is life in Bombay and the depth of the universe. Almost like a sonic galaxy where the heavenly bodies are notes of music.

SLYCK: What do the Hip-Hop artists in your crew Dreamteam feel about the EP? And what more can we expect form the Wide Octaves in the Hip-Hop Space other than your electronic music?

WIDE OCTAVE: They heard both the tracks straight outta my iPod and as soon as the song finished playing… all of them had an expression that said “Wow,” I think it’s safe to say that they loved it. The Dreamteam fam were the first listeners of the EP and it was great to get some love and honest feedback from them. As Wide Octave though, my focus will be more on the electronic and experimental side of my music. Obviously, Hip-Hop music is always going to be an inspiration and influence to me and I still like hearing a lot of chilled and groovy hip-hop. I can’t say how directly I’ll be connected to Hip-Hop further but I’ll be definitely connected with my crew and will be doing some unique collaborations with them. Speaking of which, soon after the EP releases, you can expect a recreation/remix of the title track with an old school hip hop flavour to it featuring one of the Dreamteam MCs. It’s a dope track and will be out very soon.
You can download ‘Losing My Mind’ here and we would like to wish the entire Dreamteam good luck for their future endeavours.