Drake Has A Secret Child With This Instagram Model?

Drake Layla Lance Image

The world of celebrities from afar is the world we all wish to live in. But when looked upon closely, it somewhat resembles our normal life except the money part, they have loads of it. Jokes apart, the life of celebrities are plagued with backstabbing, bitching, heartbreaks, envy, jealousy, and lest we forget controversies. It is a common thing in a celebrity’s life. The latest celebrity to get dragged into controversies is popular hip-hop artist Drake.

The “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling” singer has been accused by an Instagram model that he has made her pregnant. Well, we doubt the accusation made by the model but only time can tell us. She met him through one of their mutual friends DJ Spade and then he reached out to her. After that, she went to London, UK and 2 months after the meet, she is expecting a child. What happened in London is all a mystery but she even went to the extent of posting her pregnancy results online.

The Instagram model Layla Lance is not receiving returning calls or texts from Drake. She even says that she does not want a single dime or cent from Drake. Now, that Drake is not returning her calls, she says that she has to deal with the situation all alone.

Check out the Instagram Post showing Drake’s Conversation with Layla Lance:


We are not confirming the reports it can be a rumour, we have to wait and watch until then enjoy listening to Drake’s songs.