Dope Hindi Rappers In The Scene | Part I


Rappers from all over the cities in India are doing good and showing their talents. All most every rapper is making some name for themselves in their respective cities. Now people are taking hip-hop as a genre because of these artists who started rapping in Hindi.

As a matter of fact, hip-hop has seen an immense growth from the past 2 years. People started enjoying this art form because rappers started rapping in their mother tongue. This leads to the better understanding between the artists and the audience. People can really connect to their stories as there is no more language barrier in their tracks.

So in this post, we are going to discuss the dope Hindi rappers in the scene which are doing really good:

1. Divine

Vivian, professionally known as Divine, is one of the Mumbai’s finest hip-hop artists in the country. He is called as the “Voice of the streets”.

Initially, he started his career by spitting his rhymes in English. But later, he switched to Hindi and got more recognition towards his work. You all know that how successful he is right now.

2. Naezy

Naved Shaikh is popularly known as Naezy who is a rapper from Mumbai. He is the one you can look up too. He got his recognition by his debut track “Aafaat” which has now 1 million views on YouTube.

Naezy is an inspiration for the upcoming rapper. If sources to be believed, Zoya Akhtar is filming a Bollywood flick based on Naezy’s life.

3. Raga

Ravi Mishra aka Raga is one of the dopest Hindi rappers in the scene right now. With his witty flow and hardcore punches, he has managed to gather a lot of audience for his tracks.

He is the reason that many rappers started doing more Hindi rap songs in the Delhi hip-hop scene.

4. Mc Heam

Hemant Dhyani is Mc Heam for people who follow him. He is a Delhi based rapper who is currently living in Mumbai and works with a hip-hop crew called SlumGods.

As per my knowledge, Heam is the first rapper who started doing Hindi rap songs in the underground. Check his work on tracks like “A Tale of 2 Cities Remix” and “Knowledge”.

5. Muhfaad

Gaurav Pal aka Muhfaad is one of the best Hindi rappers in the scene. Tracks like “Sach Too Much Hai” and “Aji Mera Ghanta” proves that why he belongs to be on this list.

This amazing talent is signed to Desi Music Factory and Muhfaad did two tracks under this label.

6. Sun J

Sun J is a Delhi-based Hindi rapper. He is a co-founder of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective. He is one of the oldest Hindi rappers in the scene.

He is famous for doing tracks like “Kameena Mode” and “Seedhe Slum Se”.

7. Encore ABJ

 Abhijay Negi is also known as Encore ABJ is also from Delhi. He is one-half of Seedhe Maut.

He became noticeable when we heard his verse on a track Sunno featuring Yungsta, Raga and Hindi Rap Soldier. After that, he didn’t stop and dropped some kick-ass tracks like “Seedhe Maut Anthem”, “That Part Remix, and “ClassSikh Maut”.

8. Parry G

Prikshit Gupta is known as Parry G needs no introduction. Everyone knows this guy. After Harry Cheema, he is the second rapper who participated in India’s Got Talent.

With his fast flow, Parry G made everyone crazy and even Raftaar couldn’t resist himself and supports this amazing talent.

9. San Cha

Sankalp Chaturvedi who goes by the stage name San Cha is also a Delhi-based rapper. He is known for his dark theme tracks and storytelling.


You can see his work in tracks like “Hijr” and “2017 Flow”. He definitely belongs to be on this list. A lot of his work is still unreleased and one can’t deny that he is dope but lacks promotions.

10. The Siege

The Siege is a Mumbai based rapper. He is one of the finest young talents in the desi hip-hop scene who is doing dope work and trust me, this guy is a beast. He rides a beat very smoothly and spat heavy bars on the instrumental.

Check out his work on tracks like “Kalam” and “Do Hazaar Soula”. He deserves to be on this list as he is brilliant with his art.

I hope you will find your favorite Hindi rapper in the list. If not, then wait for the second part. You can also mention your favorite Hindi rappers in the comment section.