DJ Salman NYC Releases “Fake Friends” And It’s Worth Listening!

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DJ Salman Fake Friends Image

“Fake Friends” is the latest track by the artist DJ Salman NYC. He released the track just a few days back and has in the meantime has garnered a total view of 1,500 and counting. In his career, he has released a very few tracks and he is DJ and he mostly spurs up creativity through his turntable. But every now and then, he spits on a track or two. So, his latest track “Fake Friends” tells about the following things in his track.

Well, the track is not hip-hop but a mellow kind of hip-hop and is soothing to hear. The track talks about all the sacrifices made by Salman . His deliberate shortsightedness should not be mistaken for blindness because he keeps a look out for harm-doer and wrong doers. It is important to choose friends carefully as there are people who are like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. You don’t find them when your life takes a roller-coaster ride.

The track is mostly recorded in English with a little bit of Hindi and Punjabi lyrics in the latter part. We’ll let you be the judge of the song. Guys, go listen to DJ Salman NYC as he is immensely talented but a rookie in the industry.

Watch “Fake Friends” video here: