DJ Palash x Frappe Ash Ft. Christina – Read My Signs


DJ Palash & Frappe Ash have just dropped their Single “Read My Signs” which is something really fresh and catchy.


This rapper is known among peers for his wicked flow and the out of the box lyricism of this track uses his feature to put down a bomb modern heartbreak track. Usually, Frappe has a multiple syllable scheme in his verses, but this time, he went for a rather conventional rhyming pattern and it sounds good. The instrumental is sounding tight with just the right balance to not go overboard and start colliding with the vocals. There are very few clarity issues in Frappe’s delivery, but once those glitches are fixed, Frappe can become a part of the better English rappers that we have seen in a long time. Christina‘s vocals give a different vibe to the whole track. It’s a good way of experimenting rap with a soulful catchy instrumental and soothing female vocals in it.

Another refreshing aspect about this release is that Frappe is not afraid to experiment with his sound and try different production styles. It is very important for a rapper to be versatile in order to be heard by listeners other than just hip-hop/rap heads. It has been mentioned by our favourite rappers time and again that every artist should have a broad catalogue in order to cater to the plethora of listeners.

Overall the track sounds dope and should not be skipped out on.