DJ Karma Teaches Delhi To Be “Supa Fly”


New Delhi’s very own DJ Karma is on a mission to spread hip-hop and that too without dilution. Supa Fly  is a weekly affair happening every Sunday at Delhi’s best night club, Kitty Su. Every Sunday the entire Supa Fly crew spins unadulterated hip-hop and gets the crowd grooving to the hottest hip-hop joints.

DJ Karma Image

The regular Supa Fly crew consists of DJ Pemah, CJ, Harry Hop and DJ Karma himself. They play in rotations while DJ Karma picks up the microphone to drop a verse every now and then. DJ Knack who hails from Shillong and is the official DJ for Khasi BloodzCryptogrphik Street Poets is the latest addition to the crew and will a regular at Supa Fly.

DJ Karma Image 2

DJ Karma knows the importance of maintaining the true essence of hip-hop and hence calls guest artists and DJ’s to turn up the party. Shalo Kent is an Rnb singer and do popular covers as well as originals was called for a gig. New Delhi’s Youngsta and Frappe were also present for one of these Sunday events. One half of the duo Seedhe Maut, Calm along with Karma turned up the event. Calm dropped verses on verses and drove the crowd crazy. I was also able to join Karma on his set to test some unreleased music.

DJ Karma Image 3

A night like this was very necessary to help the already burgeoning scene of Indian Hip-Hop in Delhi. Every club in the capital plays it safe with cheesy and played out Bollywood music. On the other hand, Kitty Su decided to gamble with hip-hop and clearly does not regret this bet.

The amazing photos are a courtesy of RTC.